[app url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cannasos.droid”]


CannaSOS is a social marijuana resource for cannabis experts and enthusiasts that provides education, strain information, statistics, medical research, directory of doctors and dispensaries of medical cannabis worldwide. It allows users to search for local stores, check over 1000 strains of marijuana, look for seminars and meet other sellers and producers.

What does it do?

CannaSOS is a somewhat controversial yet completely legal application that brings together users and enthusiasts of cannabis, hemp and marijuana. The site boasts archives of 1000s of strains of cannabis, as well as hits and tips of how best to store and to use it. It also shows the nearest legal seller of cannabis for users that have a prescription or live in a country/state where usage is legal.


The main use of the app is, however, a social one. There are ‘420 news’ feeds alongside open and unmoderated chat rooms, a question and answer board for any queries or tips you may have, as well as a place to publish articles and share news about local gatherings and news stories. At it’s core, CannaSOS is a social media app, bringing together enthusiasts and promoters of marijuana and cannabis. There is even a ‘friends’ menu and options to share urls and articles with ‘followers’.


Possibly the most useful and well thought out element of the app is that it allows users to post and share anonymously. This allows new users and those that might be worried or embarrassed to ask questions without ridicule or backlash, as the app protects their identity. Granted, the unmoderated boards and use of anonymous posting may lead to social and security incidents as the community grows, but Tapscape did not notice anything untoward or malicious on our brief journey into the centre of this weed-fanatic’s app.

Tapscape’s Final Thoughts

Although CannaSOS may seem like a controversial and at times dangerous application, it was actually a social media app with a pleasant community and informative boards. The app was easy to use and allows those curious about anything cannabis related to ask those questions in a safe and distant way – from the comfort of their smart phone. The application seemed above board, legal and did exactly what it set out to do – to educate people about marijuana, cannabis and how it could affect the wider sphere.