Card Counting Systems

Live blackjack online uk is one of the most popular live games in the online gaming industry. It is a luck-based game that requires some skills hence making it quite thrilling. The house always has an edge over the player, but card counting in Blackjack certainly works to increase the player’s chances of winning. But, is card counting possible in live blackjack?

It is possible to count cards in live blackjack. Actually, it is much easier to do it than in the brick and mortar casinos. All you need to do is to perfect your card counting systems, and you will become a successful player. There are many systems that work in live blackjack. The best way of doing it successfully is by learning how to in the simplest of games.

The virtual blackjack games are the perfect platforms for trying out these systems. This is because they have less monitoring and little regards for time and little hesitation when playing. Then, you can proceed to the live games and even try your luck in land-based casinos. Also, amateurs should use the easy methods before proceeding to sophisticated card counting systems.

These are the card counting systems that can work in live dealer blackjack:

Hi-Lo Counting System

This is a very basic strategy that can be used by even the beginners. Despite being simple, it is quite effective in increasing your chances of winning. The pros may not be interested in this one, but this does not mean that it is ineffective. Actually, it has a 97% betting correlation which is incredibly high.

The Hi-Lo counting system is a plus/minus system that assists gamers to know the kind of cards that are left in the deck. It works by assigning a value of +1 to the smaller cards (2-6), a value of -1 to the big cards and 0 to the mid-level cards, that is 7, 8 & 9. When half of the cards have been dealt, and the value of your count is high, then there are more big cards left. This puts you in a better position than the dealer. If the value of your count is low, then the dealer has a higher probability of winning.

This will, in turn, assist you to make the right choices when faced with tough decisions. The Hi-Lo system increases in effectiveness if many cards have been dealt. But, this is a winning strategy that increases your winning chances but doesn’t guarantee sure wins.

This basic system works perfectly with the Side Count system. The side count system is used to determine the optimum cards that are left in the deck. You can opt to count the tens or the aces or the face cards depending on your prowess. This will assist you to make the right decisions.

You will significantly increase your chances of success if you use the Hi-Lo and the Side Count systems together. These are simple methods that can be used by even the beginners. Once you have perfected the art of using these two, you can get plenty of wins and perhaps proceed to other more effective methods.

Uston SS System

The Uston SS System uses the same concept as the Hi-Lo counting system, but it is more complex because more cards have specific values. It has percentage effectiveness of about 99% which is remarkable. The cards between ten and ace have a value of -2, 9 has a value of -1, 8 has 0 value, 7 has a value of 1, 5 has a value of 3 whereas 2, 4 and 6 have a value of 3.

With more specific card values, the value of your count is likely to be more accurate. Hence, you will be able to make tough decisions and stand a higher chance of winning. However, it is difficult to memorize the values of all these cards. This leaves a lot of room for confusion.

Knockout System

This one is quite similar to the Hi-Lo system, but the number 7 is a low card and not a mid-level card. Hence, it has a value of +1 instead of 0. This count continues without refreshing until a new shoe is dealt. If the result is a high positive value, then there are many small value cards on the deck and vice versa. This is the same situation in the Hi-Lo system.

However, with the difference in the value of the number 7 card, all the cards do not add up to 0. They add up to positive 4. This is the consideration that you must make when using the Knockout system. Nevertheless, it is just as effective as other systems.

These are the card counting systems that can work when playing live dealer blackjack. It is very easy to implement them because you are playing in the comfort of your home. These systems require you to be able to do simple mathematics off-head. You can start using a calculator to do such sums because you will certainly waste time.

The card counting systems increase your probabilities of winning, but this should not make you overconfident. You must remember that you are still gambling, and the results can go both ways. Players tend to stake highly after using card counting techniques, and this often leads to disappointment. Finally, card counting offers critical information, but it only works if you know what to do with the information.

These card counting systems work perfectly in live dealer blackjack. You can try them out and experience great success in this entertaining game.

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