Careers in AI and Data Science Find Your Tech Niche

Given the volume of data generated every second, you’ve certainly noticed that organisations constantly lookout for experts who can translate AI and Data Science into creative solutions. Furthermore, are you interested in pursuing an AI and Data Science career, and also have a strong enthusiasm for technology and analytics? If so, please read this blog, as we will delve into many tech subfields and assist you in identifying the ideal tech job after completing your AI and Data Science engineering.

What is AI and Data Science Engineering?

To put it simply, you will find the data science area concerned with the process of obtaining, cleaning, and analysing data to obtain insightful knowledge. AI, on the other hand, will teach you to build intelligent systems that are capable of doing their tasks. And, due to their rising demand, Arya College Jaipur offers a B.Tech in AI and Data Science.

B.Tech in AI and Data Science- Course Highlights

To learn more about the B.Tech in AI and Data Science offered by Arya College, please refer to the table below:

Level of EducationUndergraduate
Course NameBachelor of Technology in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
Course Duration4 years
Eligibility CriteriaComplete the 10+2 from a recognised board.   Study Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry/Biotechnology/Computer Science/Biology in the 12th grade.   Score at least 45% in the 10+2 standard. However, the reserved category candidates with 40% aggregate marks are eligible to apply.
Availability of Seats60

Multiple Careers in AI and Data Science

You can have an average yearly pay of INR 6-6.5 LPA in the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Engineering area. However, a lot of variables will affect your pay in these fields. Nonetheless, the majority of occupations we will discuss now will provide you with competitive pay and scope for advancement.

1)   Machine Learning Engineer

As an ML engineer, you will work on creating models and algorithms that let systems learn from their experiences. In addition, you can concentrate on developing predictive models that use substantial datasets to generate precise forecasts and judgements. Nevertheless, to succeed in this field, you must possess a solid foundation in computer science, statistics, etc.

2)   Data Scientist

Under this employment option, you need to collect, analyse, and understand complicated data. Therefore, the B Tech Artificial Intelligence colleges in India provide adequate training in machine learning, statistical analysis, and data visualisation. Apart from an understanding of computer languages such as Python, R, or SQL, you need a solid grasp of business objectives to transform data into useful recommendations.

3)   AI Research Scientist

Pursuing a career as an AI research scientist will require you to be on the cutting edge of creating innovative AI technology. You should further concentrate on developing AI theory and creating algorithms that are capable of handling challenging jobs. Furthermore, the private BTech colleges in India place a great emphasis on training you to tackle difficult issues and advance AI technology.

4)   Big Data Engineer

As a big data engineer, your tasks will include designing, implementing, and maintaining systems for processing bulk data. In addition, you will be responsible for building infrastructure that is capable of efficiently handling enormous volumes of data. This profile will further demand you create data pipelines that support different analytical processes by collaborating with business stakeholders and data scientists.

5)   AI Ethicist

Given the growing application of AI across multiple industries, you cannot undervalue AI ethics. Since ethical issues must be incorporated into the design and development of AI systems, the BTech colleges in Jaipur attempt to thoroughly make you understand how to emphasise this integration. To further guarantee that AI technologies are created and applied responsibly and ethically, you can collaborate closely with AI academics and developers.

6)   Business Intelligence Analyst

Your primary responsibilities as a business intelligence analyst will be to examine corporate data and give stakeholders insights by utilising data analytics tools and techniques. Moreover, to aid decision-makers in understanding patterns, seeing opportunities, and enhancing corporate performance, you should also produce reports and visualisations.

7)   AI Solution Architect

You will be required to combine various technologies and tools to design AI-enabled systems as part of this professional profile. Furthermore, having graduated from one of the best engineering colleges in Rajasthan, you will have the necessary tools to collaborate closely with cross-functional teams. When developing AI solutions, you also need to consider security and scalability.

8)   AI Product Manager

A career in artificial intelligence product management will require you to bring your business and technological knowledge together to create and implement AI-powered solutions. To direct product development in this role, you must comprehend market trends, consumer wants, and industry laws. To guarantee that cutting-edge AI solutions satisfy consumer needs, you will have to frequently work with cross-functional teams.

9)   Data Engineer

Your role as a data engineer will require you to concentrate on the design, construction, and upkeep of infrastructure needed to store and handle massive datasets. With this in mind, the private colleges in Jaipur train you to assist in data analytics and machine learning procedures by setting up databases, data warehouses, and data pipelines. And, by utilising technology, you can further guarantee data dependability, availability, etc.

10) AI Consultant

In your role as an AI consultant, you will advise companies on how to successfully use AI technologies to advance their operations. In addition, you must evaluate your company’s demands, create AI plans, and assist in putting AI solutions into practice. Most importantly, you should stay updated with AI developments, research, and best practises to offer clients insightful analysis and suggestions.

Benefits of Pursuing AI and Data Science Engineering

Enrolling in the best engineering colleges in India and earning the B.Tech (AI and Data Science) can benefit you in the following ways:

●     Skill Enhancement and Innovation

You can improve different 21st-century skills through this course, including communication, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and cooperation. In addition, you will learn about AWS, Python, and other cutting-edge tools utilised in the industries.

●     Immense Scope

No industry or domain is exempt from the application of AI and data science. Therefore, the best B Tech colleges in Rajasthan through this degree can provide you with fantastic employment opportunities in healthcare, education, finance, entertainment, etc.

●     Major Demand and Employability

You will discover AI and data science among the quickest-growing industries in the modern world. Furthermore, estimates from NASSCOM state that by 2026, India will require more than 1 million AI and Data Science experts.

●     Academic Excellence and Research Opportunities

You can get ready for higher studies or research by enrolling in a B.Tech AI and Data Science course. Mostly, the best colleges in Rajasthan will allow you to study under knowledgeable instructors.

Summing Up

You can locate a niche in the AI and data science sector that matches your interests and skill set, regardless of your preference. Moreover, to position yourself for a successful job in the sector, you should think about earning an AI and Data Science engineering degree. So, jump right into this quickly expanding profession, and establish yourself in the analytics and technology industry.


1. Which fundamental skills are required to work in AI and Data Science?

For AI and Data Science careers, you will need technical expertise in machine learning techniques, statistical analysis, data visualisation, Python or R, and data science.

2. What is the job outlook for AI and Data Science professionals?

After completing AI and Data Science Engineering, you will be in high demand across numerous industries, including technology, healthcare, and finance.

3. How can I begin an AI and Data Science career?

Besides getting a degree, you need to learn the necessary programming languages, get familiar with statistics and maths, and gain practical experience if you want to work in AI and data science.

4. What recent trends exist in AI and Data Science engineering?

You can see the growing application of deep learning, natural language processing, automation, and AI model interpretability in AI and Data Science engineering courses.