Carphone Warehouse Nexus 4

 Carphone Warehouse Nexus 4

LG and Google might not have made the existence of the Nexus 4 official yet, but that hasn’t stopped one major UK retailer from offering pre-orders on their website. That is, they were until recently, now if you try to visit their site you will be greeted with their essential maintenance page, leading many to wonder if the Nexus 4 will still be available following this downtime.

Carphone Warehouse Site Down After Accepting Nexus 4 Pre-Orders

Before the site went down, the company was offering guaranteed delivery by October 30, just one day after the expected announcement. The Nexus 4 is expected to release running Android 4.2, and much of its specs have already been outed through leaks. Google has either been very lax with their device security pre-launch, this is all part of a larger marketing scheme to build anticipation, or most likely a combination of all.

Did you get your pre-order placed before the site went down? Let us know in the comments!

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