Causes of Mobile Legend Often Slow

As we all know, the online gaming industry is currently growing rapidly. This is indeed in line with the growing world of technology that is happening. Even the growth and development of online games in Indonesia during the COVID-19 pandemic recorded an increase of up to 20%.

However, the rapid growth of online games also has its own impact. Online games offer many conveniences and advantages that can be played by users. Only with smartphones and internet networks, online games can be enjoyed by the public.

What Causes Mobile Legend Is Often Slow?

Maybe here you often wonder, why sometimes when playing at online games, including mobile legends, even though the internet signal is smooth, the game feels a little slow. This is due to the increasing number of game users, the possibility of the server being down is even greater.

There are indeed moments when the game lags in a sudden way. That’s because the cloud system the game is hosted on is problematic. Cloud itself is a computing system that is based like a cloud in the sky.

The function of the cloud is to process and store data in real time. The nature of this cloud is limited, even though it is a unified system for data processing. With the passage of time, many users are using the cloud at the same time.

This will ultimately reduce the performance of the cloud in reading data. To overcome these problems, there is a solution, namely utilizing edge computing systems in a decentralized way from the cloud and by spreading capacity.

By taking these actions, later the data will not only be spread in one source. So data that is managed by the cloud with other clouds will not crash. Processing and storing data with games becomes lighter. So that the mobile legends game that is played will also be able to avoid slow problems.

However, the use of the system cannot be separated from several other challenges, such as the maintenance of the data center which will increase and spread. With the scattered data center locations, the workload from the cloud will also tend to be heavier.

Therefore, the gaming industry official needs to use a more integrated data center system to avoid slow problems. Using the right technology will be able to produce more optimal network infrastructure performance, allow for devices according to conditions and mitigate problems before they occur.