CCTV or Alarm System - Which Is Better?

When it comes to home security you can choose between CCTV or alarm.

Alarm systems and CCTV often overlap but they are distinctively different from each other.

Thinking of calling for a CCTV or alarm installation? You must first know the difference between the two.

What is CCTV?

Closed circuit television have become popular lately, thanks to increased internet and Wi-Fi speeds allowing for higher resolution feed.

A CCTV system is comprised of a camera (or more) and a monitor where it can be viewed. Nowadays it’s not unusual for cameras to record in full HD and in color. State of the art devices will have infrared, night vision and recording capabilities as well.

Surveillance is a CCTV’s bread and butter. It won’t alarm you in cases where there’s an intruder or when there are present dangers in your property. However, you will have a video recording that can used against cases such as theft, breaking & entering and more.

CCTVs are versatile in that they can be used in a number of ways. For businesses, a camera pointed at employees and traffic can improve productivity and allow them 24/7 visuals on goods or sensitive equipment.

What is an Alarm System?

Alarm systems are a group of devices designed to notify you when an unauthorized person or burglar has gained entry to your home or business.

The alarm can be in the form of noise or an automatic call to the authorities, e.g., a police station or fire department. You can also opt to get an alert in the form of a text message or via an app.

An alarm system installation can serve as a deterrent due to the loud sound it makes. Sometimes this is enough to scare off potential intruders or attackers.

Having both CCTV and an alarm system is possible for well-rounded protection.