Celsius Vs Fahrenheit What are these Temperatures Used for?

The metric system was launched to establish the standard measurement system for people. It was first accepted by France and became a commonly used unit of measurement across the world. Celsius and Fahrenheit are two such common units of measurements for temperature. Celsius is more popular, as it falls into the temperature category, while Fahrenheit is used in the United States and other nations that haven’t accepted the metric system.

Both measurement units are used for measuring temperature, but they both are different in the sense that they are used in different countries. In the US, Fahrenheit is more commonly used, as they follow the imperial system of measurement. Most parts of the world have implemented the metric system, in which Celsius is used for the measurement of temperature.


As mentioned earlier, Fahrenheit is considered the most common unit of measurement in the US and some parts of the UK. Older people in the UK still use Fahrenheit for measuring the temperature. Defined as F, Fahrenheit is the oldest form of temperature scale invented by Gabriel Fahrenheit.

If you ever visit America or meet an American in your country and ask them the temperature, you will be pretty surprised by their answer. For example, if they say 21 degrees, it will look like a chilly day to you, but it may sound more like springtime to them. The reason is pretty simple – celsius is most commonly used for temperature measurement in different nations. Only a few nations, along with the US, follow the Fahrenheit measurement scale. They include Palau, Cayman Islands, Belize, the Bahamas, and more.

Just like how the Americans use the word “soccer” to describe what others call football, they use an imperial measurement system for calculating the temperature, distance, speed, and other parameters of measurement.


Celsius is the easiest to understand, and is one of the popular temperature scales used in the world. It was named as centigrade earlier, but its name changed to Celsius later. Earlier, Celsius referred to as Centigrade, which was the traditional name for this temperature scale. The name was derived from the fact that centi means 100. It was integrated into the metric system by France in the 1700s and it became a part of the metric system since then. However, the English-speaking countries were quite stubborn about the measurement units and they followed pounds, inches, and Fahrenheit to describe the mass, height, distance, speeds, and temperatures. By 1961, the UK adopted the metric system just to be consistent with the European nations. They started using Celsius for the weather forecasts so that there is consistency in the temperature. Since then, many nations that had been using the British imperial system of measurement switched to the metric system. However, the United States still follow Fahrenheit for a weather forecast.

The difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit is in the boiling and freezing point of water. For Celsius, the freezing point of water stands at 0 degrees while for Fahrenheit, it is 32 degrees. The boiling point of water for Celsius and Fahrenheit is 100 degrees and 212 degrees respectively.

You can use the ETCI temperature converter tool to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa easily. The tool is designed for those who need to know the current temperature in the US or other nations, but don’t use Fahrenheit. You can also use a formula of conversion, but that will be a time-consuming and tedious process. You should rather use an automated temperature converter tool to get accurate information about the measurements and conversions.