email spam

Not many people know that by promoting doubtful content via personal network, they risk with their IP address or email getting into the blacklist for spreading spam. Also, people may unknowingly buy domains that have been previously linked to spam activities. IP addresses previously involved in spreading spam or in other malicious activities can be found listed in special databases. These lists include

  • Email addresses,
  • Domains,
  • IP addresses.

The primary danger of spam-active IPs is in their ability to spread target marketing or even phishing messages in web spaces with a lot of readers. Also, they can participate in security attacks such as DDos, DoS, SQL, PHP injections and others. Email addresses included in spam databases were used to send spam emails.


The existence of such spam databases makes it easy to perform an IP blacklist check and figure out whether a particular email, address, or domain has been previously blacklisted by other sites or services. The use of such databases is very easy and convenient. All you have to do is to insert the IP/email address, and the system will tell you whether it is truly a spambot address. Many sites use special services to control and eliminate the spambot activities on their sites. Such services check messages and discover spam content encrypted in them. In most cases, it is almost impossible to do manually because of the great variety of spam messages that look very similar to ordinary messages. Finally, such services complete blacklists that gather all spam-related IPs, emails, and domain.

Why Check IP / Email Spam Activity

While it may look like nothing too serious to ordinary users, spam IPs and emails are potentially dangerous to system security. Beside spamming and security attacks, which block the data for the users, spambots may spread viruses and malware, and cause leakage of personal data. As an owner or a moderator of a site, you have to realize all the danger that overlook of excessive spam activity may entail.

Why Check Domain Spam Activity

  • Domain spam activity check helps to identify whether the message is a spam or not.
  • With the use of domain spam activity check, you can find out if your domain is not being promoted with the use of black SEO.
  • It is really important to make a domain check to see its previous reputation. There is a possibility of it having been promoted by the use of spam comments and spam messages.

By checking IPs and emails of suspicious users, you can make sure your site, blog, or forum is spam-free. In order to simplify the process, you can use special services that take care of spam active IPs and emails detected on your website. What is more, these services protect site visitors and regular users from unreliable information and simplify the process of registration. This way, users’ pleasant experience is not overshadowed by irritating CAPTCHAs and other security checks, and they are surely to trust the information from your site.