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Choosing the Best ISP



Choosing the Best ISP

Best is somewhat of a relative term which means that something that might seem like the best option for you, might not be the best for your friend and vice versa. Although, there are some abstract concepts, scenarios, products, and services that remain the best for everyone.

Internet is one of the services that we require to be the best on all grounds. We want it fast, accessible, and reliable at all given times. But like everything else, does the best of the internet also relative? Well, yes. Someone might want it fast and can pay extra but someone might have to compromise on reliability because of the cost. Although, if connected with Optimum Altice, you would get brilliant internet speeds up to 940 Mbps, with the free cancellation policy, no contractual obligation, and at reasonable prices too. That’s a catch and can be called best too.

For a fair and sound analysis of which ISP is the best for you, we have jotted down some of the aspects that should be thought of before making up your mind when choosing an internet service provider.

Availability of the ISP

If you like something and have all the resources to buy it but cannot get it because it is not available to you. Isn’t that annoying and worrisome? We don’t want to let you go through this delinquent feeling and so the first thing you must be aware of when deciding on an internet provider, is its availability.

The exposure and internet plans provided by a certain internet provider varies from area to area and therefore, you should be knowledgeable of the services that are being offered in your area by the ISPs.

Speed Aspect

After availability, speed is the most important factor to be considered. From taking care of our entertainment quotient to our needs of working from home, it is the speed that lets us go through anything and everything. Imagine being in intense gameplay with your virtual nemesis and losing because your internet speed decided to take a dip at the exact moment when you chose to dispense your victory move. If this has not happened to you ever, trust me when I say that it hurts more than you can imagine.

For individuals using the internet for entertainment or light web browsing to business owners making a living out of the internet, it is important to have an internet provider that supplies adequate bandwidth. Understanding the gravity of issues that can arise due to less bandwidth, we urge you to sign up with an internet provider that offers high speed. You can also talk to the ISP to discuss your internet requirements and then deciding on the speed you should go with.

Affordable Prices

Price is an important factor and can also be a deciding variant for many. Before making any decision, you should go over all the features being offered by the shortlisted internet providers. If your business depends on the internet or if your entire family is a heavy internet user, you might want to go with an internet plan that is on the pricier end.

You should also study the SLA (Service Level Agreement) in detail before agreeing to the package details so there are no surprises and miscommunication after you have entered into a contract. Many times, there are hidden charges that are added to your monthly or yearly bill without you realizing it, and for this matter, you should know that direct communication with your internet provider is imperative.

Customer Care

The one thing that ensures customer retention is customer service and support. Customers have to interact with the customer care unit of the internet provider more often than one assumes. From discussing billing situation to tackling technical service issues, from inquiring updates to adding on some services, you would need to engage with the internet provider’s customer care unit.

Therefore, before signing up with a particular internet provider, you must research the level of customer service that the company provides. You can find out about the customer care of a company by reading the customer reviews, and expert opinions. Choose an internet provider that provides 24/7 technical support so your issues can be solved as soon as possible and you don’t have to postpone your plans.


Confidentiality and security are of utmost importance, especially for a business. You might find an internet provider and its plan attractive because of its low cost and high speed but if it is not providing you the right type of security then it is all for nothing. In this day and age when your personal life has become public property, it is important to keep some aspects of it private and secure. Your online profile as well as the data you transfer, even the web you browse, must be kept secure and the onus of responsibility to keep it safe is on the internet provider. Internet providers that offer encryption of your network are the ones you should go after. Such encryption would help you keep other people from accessing your network unless you give them permission. Encryption further helps you monitor your online activity as well. This will allow you to take action if any inappropriate activity takes place.


Reliability is a key factor that has the power to make or break connections. If a brand is reliable, you find yourself being inclined to it and that is how brand loyalty is developed. For instance, talking about brand loyalty, the whole model of Apple Inc. is dependent on brand awareness, loyalty, and reliability.

Choose an internet provider that speaks reliability and consistency. An internet connection if not reliable is not something that the customers would be happy to pay for, no matter the speeds being offered.

Summing Up

We hope that this article would guide you to choose the best internet service provider for you. Once chosen, make sure to talk to them and discuss your internet requirements so there is no confusion after signing up with the contractor.