Code Your Future's Impact: A Year in Review with Capgemini's Digital Inclusion Program

In the fast-evolving landscape of technology, fostering inclusivity and empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds is not just a noble pursuit but a necessity. Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation, stands as a beacon of change in the tech industry. As we reflect on the second year of their partnership with Code Your Future (CYF), the impact on refugees and disadvantaged individuals dreaming of becoming software developers is nothing short of remarkable.

The Birth of Capgemini’s Digital Academy

Capgemini took a pioneering step in 2018 by establishing a digital academy, providing end-to-end support for CYF’s web developer training program. This initiative aimed not only to offer technical training but to go beyond, embracing mentoring, business coaching, and holistic support. The collaboration began in London with an eight-month training course for the first cohort of 25 students, promising employment at its conclusion.

Scaling Up for a Wider Impact

The journey didn’t stop in London. Capgemini’s commitment to CYF’s mission led to an expansion into the West Midlands, bringing the program to Birmingham, and increasing the student intake to an impressive 67. Volunteers from Capgemini extended their support to established CYF academies in Glasgow and Manchester. This remarkable blueprint earned Capgemini well-deserved recognition through the top tech awards, winning both the Business Charity Awards and the Global Good Awards.

Voices of Transformation: CYF Graduates Speak Out

The life of this program lies in the transformative experiences of the CYF graduates. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, these individuals have embarked on a journey described by CYF as a “journey of interrupted lives, unfinished studies, and integration challenges.” Madiha Khan, now working on the DEFRA account, shares, “I’m not the same person I was before. I had taken lots of small jobs simply to make ends meet before joining Code Your Future, and I knew things had to change.”

Ongoing Learning

For Capgemini, the commitment goes beyond training; it’s about continuous learning. As Madiha aptly puts it, “There is a sea of learning available to us.” This commitment aligns seamlessly with Capgemini’s broader approach to addressing skills gaps in the IT industry and promoting social mobility through education. Whether it’s mastering new programming languages like Java or participating in hackathons for practical experience, these graduates are on a perpetual learning curve.

Overcoming Challenges

Joining the workforce during a global pandemic has presented unique challenges, but the CYF graduates have demonstrated resilience. Mohsen, working on the McDonald’s account, joined Capgemini just as lockdowns began. Despite the hardships, he engaged in activities like robotics and TechChallenge, turning challenges into opportunities.

Building Connections in a Virtual World

Establishing connections in a remote working environment has been a priority for CYF graduates. From team quizzes to virtual meal celebrations, they’ve found innovative ways to foster camaraderie. Joan, working on the Barclays account, appreciates the collaborative communication platform, which allows interaction with colleagues worldwide.

Controlio’s Role in the Digital Evolution

Amidst this journey of transformation, Controlio, an emerging player in the tech industry, is weaving its narrative. As the tech landscape evolves, tools like Controlio play a pivotal role in ensuring efficiency and security in remote work environments. Capgemini’s integration of such tools reflects a commitment to staying at the forefront of digital evolution.


The partnership between Capgemini and Code Your Future has not only transformed lives but has set a benchmark for corporate social responsibility in the tech industry. The accolades from the Business Charity Awards and the Global Good Awards control the significance of this collaborative effort. As we look back on a year of triumphs and challenges, the journey continues, promising further growth, learning, and empowerment for the individuals touched by this remarkable initiative.