Collect Data and Grow Your Business with AidaForm’s Free Form Creator

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or Fortune500 CEO, collecting and analyzing quality data is vital for growth and success. Doing business in a fast-paced, increasingly online market requires the ability to quickly gather information and utilize that data to make business decisions. Rather than spend valuable time and resources programming online forms, it is increasingly important to find an online form creator that allows you to easily create and launch forms with little to no coding and programming.

AidaForm is a fully customizable online form creator that can help you conduct market research, gather feedback for a variety of everyday business needs. With a full suite of services online at, you can quickly create forms that garner quality results.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of AidaForm’s Form Creator Service

When deciding which online form creator to use for your business needs, it is important to understand all of the pros and cons of what the service provides. The AidaForm form creator is known for it’s quick and easy creator suite, as well as the many ready-made templates that are preloaded within the system for new users.

Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of AidaForm’s online form creator service:


  • The ability to receive real-time form submission notifications.
  • A smart and intuitive form creator dashboard.
  • The ability to easily embed form HTML code and direct link sharing to social feeds and email campaigns.
  • Quickly share forms across various social media channels for access by clients and customers.
  • Easy form creation controls for users of every level.
  • Smart design themes and 50+ ready-made templates.


  • While shareable, there are no advanced sharing options offered by other creators.
  • No ability to export original source code for deeper programming.
  • There is not an advanced custom CSS design ability.

While each form service has advantages and disadvantages next to the competition, AidaForm’s easy to use and smart design interface, ready-made templates, and social sharing abilities helps AidaForm stand out above the competition. The lack of source code exporting and custom CSS design may turn away some who are looking for deeper control over their design process, but for those who are needing to create without under-the-hood control, then AidaForm may be a perfect choice.

Practical Examples of AidaForm’s Form Creation Service

To help in considering whether or not AidaForm’s form creator service is right for your business or organization, it can be helpful to see the form maker in action. Here are several examples of forms created using AidaForm’s intuitive service. The following templates have been created as free examples and customizable forms through AidaForm.

T-Shirt Order Form

Are you needing to collect t-shirt sizes for an event or organization? Use AidaForm’s form maker to create a quick and easy sign-up form that individuals can use to register and pay for shirts with a few simple clicks.

With integration with popular payment services such as PayPal, you can collect advance payment for shirts, or use an intuitive shopping cart system to pay for shirts after their information is collected and stored. AidaForm will save and store customer data for later analysis in data collection services such as Google Docs and Slack to help you follow up with orders and analyze statistics for future shirt orders.

Check out the full t-shirt order template online.

Basketball Team Registration Form

Whether you are running a youth sports league or a company softball team, having the ability to run registrations is necessary for assigning roles, ordering uniforms, and following up with schedules and updates. AidaForm has a pre-made template for collecting registrations that is simple to customize with your company or organization logo and color template.

With the fully-customizable form, you can collect registration information and league fees with payment integrations. Like the above t-shirt order form, you can store the data in common data systems for quick access and analysis.

See the basketball registration form template and more online.

Check Out AidaForm Online and Start Creating for Free

Getting started with AidaForm is quick, easy, and free for new users. By creating an account online at, you can start creating online forms for a variety of purposes. Sign up online today and see what AidaForm’s services can bring to your company and personal needs.