Bluelounge Shell

The Apple Smart Cover is a great way to protect your iPad 2’s screen but it doesn’t provide protection for the back of the device. This can be changed with the Bluelounge Shell for iPad 2, which is a case strictly designed for protecting the back of your iPad 2.

The Shell is a polycarbonate shield which comes in two colors: black and white. The lack of colors are compensated for by a variety of textures including golf ball, tartan and floral. These make the case look interesting while providing a truly unique texture when held.

Additionally, this case has special cutouts for for Smart Cover’s magnets, so it can be used alone or in conjunction with the Apple Smart Cover. It features precision cutouts for the speakers, dock-connector and headphone jack. The cutouts look clean and are compatible with most third-party dock connectors and headphones.

The Shell will run you $29.95 and is available from Bluelounge’s online store. In the comments, tell us which cover you use to “complete” your Smart Cover.

Price: $29.95