The sanitation of our air and surfaces has become a top priority during this COVID-19 pandemic. We look at various solutions to fulfill this need. For decades, there has been a particular type of air and surface purifier that has achieved effective sterilization with the use of three technologies: ozone, plasma, and UV.

It is used in office buildings, hotels, homes, and anywhere it is needed. Disinfection of airborne contaminants, mold, pathogens, viruses, fungi, and microbes that cause unpleasant odors. It guarantees to quickly create a safety zone of approximately about 2 meters.

Mode Settings

Ozone Mode:

The system is able to disinfect the air and surfaces on automatic, without monitoring. Its effective sanitation has been proven for viruses and bacteria, amongst other pathogens. you can control and program the ozone diffusion with your smartphone

Normal Mode:

The Pyramid Air Protect system will absorb ambient air and purify it all around the clock, 24 hours a day. It protects everyone in your home and those who visit.

Along with continuously disinfecting the air, this air and surface purifier also functions to generate plasma ions and UV-C, which raises the safety zone.

Great Benefits of the Pyramid Air Protect

This amazing and innovative air and surface purifier is certified by an independent laboratory in Europe and meets COVID-19 standards. It has been found to purify its surroundings quickly and very effectively.

System Features

  • UV-C purification technology
  • Ozone purification techonology
  • Sterilization through ozone and UV-C
  • Eliminates pathogens including viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other microbes from surfaces and air
  • It is 99.99% effective in eliminating pathogen from air and surfaces
  • The use of other disinfectants is not necessary
  • Safe mode setting provides 24 hour protection
  • Safe to use for life without chemicals
  • No filters needed
  • Unit is quiet and goes undetected
  • Quality and modern components