Custom Flags

The Custom Flag is the best at making custom banners, flags, tents, and other things. We use high-quality materials to create and print our flags and banners so that they can best promote your brand. Our online flag store sells personalized flags to individuals and also makes custom flags for national and corporate accounts in large quantities. Flying a customized flag can make your neighborhood, corporate headquarters, or retail location stand out and make people more aware. We also make custom tents, feather flags, table throws, and runners for the best branding and visibility. Our goal is to boost team spirit by making custom products for your team event, business, or home.

Services of custom flag

As a full-service flag, we’re here to help our clients with everything from making the flags to putting them up. We are a family-owned business with helpful customer service for all your flag needs. We are committed to helping you with your project, whether you are putting flag in the ground for a construction project or re-roping a flag at your home.

Needs of the custom flag

We’ve been making flags for over 20 years, using high-quality materials and delivering excellent customer service. Our loves spreading the spirit and is committed to giving each customer the best service possible. All flags and custom banners to flag and accessories are made with high-quality materials to ensure they last and look good for a long time.

Grommets make it easy to put up a flag on a regular flag.

Ensure the flag’s header is pulled tight, and then attach it to the mounting rings. You can also hang banners on the wall by putting cords, nails, or zip ties through the grommets and putting them on the wall.

Tailor-Made Flag Care

Here is a general way to clean your custom flag when it gets dirty.

• Then, hang it up to dry on a tight line or a flat, absorbent cotton towel.

• Don’t forget to iron your flag with a steam iron or take it to a professional laundry.

• Most importantly, please put your flag away correctly when you’re not using it.

Even though a custom flag is meant to get old, it can last longer with good care.

Flags are made just for businesses.

The great thing about having our team design custom flags for you is that you can come up with a style and design that are truly unique and fit with your brand, your business, and your values.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do  flags mean?

Custom flags can be finished in several ways, such as with grommets or sleeves, which let you hang the flag almost anywhere. Because that can use in many different ways, it is great for flag poles, windows, fences, walls, etc.

How are they different from flag, feather, rectangle, and teardrop banners?

Feather flags, teardrop flags, rectangle flags, and the rest of our flag banners are advertising or business flags with unique shapes that fit on our flag through pole pockets on the flags.

How are polyester flags different from nylon flags?

 It is a thin, soft material that is usually only used for solid colors, embroidery, or simple designs. On the other hand, polyester has a tight weave that lets all kinds of graphics be printed.

Do you sell kits for flags?

Yes, you can add flags and mounts of your choice to your order.

Do you sell mounts for flag?

Yes, you can buy mounts on the hardware page for the 3×5 flag or from the drop-down menu on the product page.

Can the wind take my flag away?

That will depend on how well the flag you bought holds your flag in place. Make sure you always have a clip with you to keep your flag on the pole.