Custom Protective Guards Against Coronavirus - A Perfect Defense For Healthcare Employees

In the current outbreak of COVID-19 throughout the globe, healthcare employees are working tirelessly and acting as the front line of defense against the virus. While we are sitting at our homes to exercise social distancing, medical workers are out there in the open field to deal with insanely spreading disease.

Where we can easily shield ourselves with masks and gloves, the medical workers who have to constantly be in contact with the infected patients cannot protect themselves with only masks and gloves. They have to be extra vigilant to beat the odds of getting infected which is still unlikely. 

For them, the best solution lies in adopting a whole new lifestyle and using guards, barriers, plexiglass, and covers. Since the novel coronavirus or any other virus for that matter can travel through respiratory droplets of an infected person, they can easily be transmitted to the non-infected person when the infected one coughs, sneezes or even talks. 

In the case of COVID-19, the virus sets apart from other ones of the same nature because it can travel up to 6 feet which is otherwise a significant distance one can maintain from others. But in this case, it is far from being sufficient and people have to maintain a distance of at least 7 feet. 

But for health workers, maintaining such distance is highly impossible as they have to interact with patients regardless of what their condition is. Therefore, to ensure health workers’ protection, face shields and sneeze and cough guards offer optimum safety. Companies like Regal plastic even offer custom made protective products so that workers can perform their duty with comfort as well. 

The acrylic plexiglass and other such barriers are highly effective as they not only offer a hundred percent protection against viruses or germs transmission but they can be easily cleaned for later use. These barriers are not only useful for a healthcare setting, but they can also be used in other organizations and restaurants. 

This protective equipment can also be installed in public places like pharmacies and grocery stores that are still functioning for people to provide them with basic necessities during the global lockdown. The sneeze and cough guards can be installed on the cashier counters to protect the employees. 

The cart covers should also be included in the entire protective kit, especially in the market,  as shopping carts were found to be the most contaminated surfaces. The polycarbonate multiwall guards are also a perfect way to ward off germs and bacteria while setting up outdoor shelters. These walls are efficiently made to let the sunlight in while keeping UV rays out and providing thermal insulation.  

To get the best protective products for a healthcare setting and any other marketplace, to ensure complete protection of employees, peruse through Acrylic Sneeze Guards: Regal Plastics. These products are not only of high quality but they are custom made which means the use of these protective tools will be clear sailing.