CyberCure is a cutting-edge security solution where cyber intelligence feeds are shared between security professionals, small to medium networks and home users alike. With CyberCure you’ll be able to secure your network and stop any cyber threats dead in their tracks.

How Does It Work?

Users such as security professionals and small networks can receive reliable indicators while having the ability to identify and block software threats and malware. CyberCure can be integrated with other measures, i.e., IDS/SIEM. What’s more, the data can be sent to other popular vendors and can be adjusted to accommodate other standards.

CyberCure Feeds

If using MISP, you can add the CyberCure CSV format of the API to automatically import indicators.

To block IP addresses, use the iptables parameter within the call to get the bash script. This script won’t need any other software installed- IPTables by themselves should work with Linux distros like Centos, Debin, Ubuntu, etc.

To integrate with SIEM Threat Intelligence, you can try the CSV format, or depending on the SIEM type. You won’t need a key or a password to access the API. Simply call up the feed’s URL, add optional parameters and you’re set.

Where Are The Feeds Sourced?

CyberCure works by collecting data from honeypots located all over the globe. The platform offers different indicators that are gathered on the web via various honeynets and honeypots created by commercial vendors.

Advantages of Using CyberCure

  • No Signup. Signup is optional. You can make use of the available information provided, which doesn’t overlap with other providers.
  • Transparency. You can check the status in order to view the current honeypot coverage worldwide at
  • Ease of Use. The documentation within CyberCure will give you everything you need to get started. Visit the site and access the most important doc links at
  • Use Free As You Wish. The platform is updated every few hours, with the API itself updating every 24 hours. The Premium version updates every ten minutes with new data and indicators.
  • Cost-effective Solution. Premium version is best for users who want more data, better protection and cyber-detection ability while still being affordable to small networks and home users.