Addial is one of those tweaks that once used, cannot be replaced. As they are a part of your everyday life. It offers features that become essential in the way you use the apple device; and it makes everyday tasks far easier and more efficient.

Addial is a new Cydia tweak that will add something valuable to all iOS devices. Once installed, this tweak puts a small widget in the top of the Notification Center that allows you to make calls or add a contact at a touch of a button. All you have to do is pull down the Notification Center like usual and tap on one of Addial’s buttons to quickly access a dial pad or add a new contact screen. This makes completing simple tasks very quick and efficient, as it eliminates the process of clicking on either the phone app or the contacts app.

As well as the dial pad and adding a new contact, there is also two other buttons that allow the user to either “Tap to Tweet” or “Tap to Post”. The button “Tap to Tweet” is linked directly to the users Twitter account and similarly with the “Tap to Post” linked to Facebook. This is also a very useful and effective feature of the Addial tweak as it saves huge amount of time; especially if the user is a huge “Socialite”. Imagine how much time it takes to click on, and log on to the social website and compose a tweet or a post, in comparison to using the Addial tweak where the user just has to click once and then compose the message, as it will already be automatically logged in to the social website.

The user can also position Addial wherever they would like by moving it around within the notification settings. This tweak may not be very fancy, but it is definitely very practical and adds a great feature to the apple devices. The tweak allows a lot of customization as the user can choose the position of the buttons, and what buttons are on show, so if there are some buttons the user don’t want on show, they can un-select them.

The overall look and feel of this tweak takes inspiration from the “Tweet” and “Post” buttons within iOS. If you use the Phone or Contacts app a lot, or like using social sites a lot. Addial may help save you time.

This very useful, very practical app is a must have if you have an Apple device!