Data Recovery Wizard for Mac App

Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is a bit of Mac App softwaredeveloped byEaseUS. If you need to recover lost data on your Mac, this is well worth checking out.

Mac data recoverycan be really frustrating. While there are a number of software options available for Mac users who need to recover lost data, there are a lot of things that make EaseUS’s Data Recovery Wizard recommendable.

There are two “flavors” of Data Recovery Wizard for Mac: Data Recovery Wizard for Mac for Free, and Data Recovery Wizard for Mac. The Free version only lets you recover 2 GB of lost data, and it lacks the free lifetime tech support you get with the paid version of the app. The paid version is available as “try before you buy,” and will set you back $89.95.

Data Recovery Wizard for Mac App Data Recovery Wizard for Mac App

The interface here is pretty straightforward. Just follow the directions on the screen to start you scan and review the files that are recovered.If your first scan doesn’t turn up the lost files you were looking for, don’t fret. Data Recovery Wizard also lets you perform a “Deep Scan.” It take a bit longer, but it can pull up files that you thought were gone for good. Data Recovery Wizard for Mac AppData Recovery Wizard for Mac App It’s really easy to browse through recovered files and select the items you want. Whether files were accidentally deleted, lost, or formatted improperly, this software can help you recover files on your hard drive, or on an external drive.

If you’re in need of some gooddata recovery software, EaseUS’s products are well worth learning more about. Give it a try before you buy it, but know that it comes highly recommended.

Data Recovery Wizard by EaseUS is also available for iOS and Windows.

Data Recovery Wizard for Mac by EaseUS is compatible with Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.

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