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Day One (Journal) by Bloom Built is another journal app to add to the ever-increasing numbers of diary emulators appearing on the App store this year. I am all for a good writing app, and a cheap (if not free!) text app never fails to entice me into buying it, but upon discovering Day One I was pretty disappointed.

It describes itself as “A journal/diary/text logging application that makes it easy to log your thoughts and memories. Day One is well designed and extremely focused to encourage you to write more.”

Day One is certainly focused, and the layout is indeed user-friendly and, well, simple. But really and truly, Day One doesn”t match up to the high expectations most iPhone users have nowadays. We all expect our apps to sport flashy user interfaces and unique, deal-sealing features that no other developer has thought of yet, but Day One is really just quite average.

So let”s look at the positives of Day One:

  • It has an easy to use UI which lays out every button and feature neatly – though maybe a new colour scheme could be in order.
  • It allows users to write diaries and sorts them chronologically automatically.
  • It syncs with the desktop (Mac) version of┬áthe Day casino online One application using the Dropbox sync tool.
  • Allows easy “starring” of items to find them easily later.

That”s a pretty cool list of features at first glance, but to me it seems very basic. Most apps sync with their desktop counterparts nowadays; I can”t remember the last paid app I bought with a bad user interface; Many text logging apps allow users to favourite items and the diary works as all diaries do – chronologically!

For potential buyers of this app using this article as guidance on Day One I would advise them to look at my article on Evernote. Evernote is a text logging journal with a lot more features compared to Day One and in my honest opinion really sets the standard for journal apps in today”s demanding society.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


  1. Interesting view. I found this review while searching for Day One v/s Evernote for my MacOS system. I don’t own an iPhone currently, so it’s more a “desktop app v/s desktop app” comparison that I started out with, but this “phone app” v/s “phone app” comparison is interesting as well.

  2. Can’t say I agree with this article. Primary points:
    1) Is in fact very easy to sync (it’s primary selling point from various other user reviews)
    2) A far better price point in the long run.
    3) Faster, more regular development.I currently am trying out various note-taking/journaling apps and feel this review was a bit too biased. I’d highly recommend checking out other reviews.

  3. Apps for different needs Evernote and DayOne. I use both of them.

    On DayOne I jot down every thing I would write on a typical calendar/agenda. This for me is short descriptions of key events, expenses and tasks I ACTUALLY PERFORMED that day ( ie Paid 20 EUR to drycleaners, or Solved hex bolts issue with George). Simple, clean, daily-based interface (timeline), ability to tag and search are the reasons I use this instead of carrying my hand-written calendar around. The photo I can add, primitive format of the text are added bonuses

    …which make it tempting to add all your notes here but that would be wrong. That is what I use Evernote for. Attaching notes of a telephone conversation, web clips, documents regarding projects and all sorts of stuff. This is where Evernote comes handy to me.

    So there you go! Two excellent applications that cover my daily needs. Both of them. Simultaneously.

  4. a good app is an app that works for your needs. and reliably at that. i really don’t care about “flashy user interfaces and unique, deal-sealing features that no other developer has thought of yet”, if the app can’t get the job done.

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