Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3

The new Dead Space game will allow you to micro-transact your way to victory, or at least civilisation/survival. The team working on the Dead Space 3 game have announced that you will be able to buy resources.

This is a long line of EA moving to micro-transactions, as a sort of free-to-play model, without the free-to-play design. EA Sports use this on their games as anĀ intensiveĀ to buy card packs for ultimate team.

Resources can be used on Dead Space 3 to create weapons and other useful items. Not all weapons will be craftable from the start, diluting what you can do at the start even if you pay a lot of money.

EA has said that they want to use this model a lot more often, but on Dead Space 3 it seems forced upon the game. In all previous games, the transaction part has been left for multiplayer and co-op.

In this game, when you are surviving on your own, you can pay to get the best weapons. This highly defeats the whole point of scavenging on an semi-abandoned ship, we say semi because there will be a lot of undead creatures lurking.

In our view, this is another EA profit scheme that really ruins the identity of the game. The video game is a survival horror and one where you will have to scavenge to stop the oncoming storm.

To add a “pay-to-get-past” is to ruin the whole survival and most of the horror of the game. Maybe if Dead Space was released on Arcade and PC for free, we would forgive the deluded attempt to draw real cash from users bank accounts, after taking $60 when they get the game.

The problem is EA won’t and the argument is “you don’t have to pay”, but the problem there is adding this function to single player destroys the games values and storyline. It is meant to be about surviving a horror with limited weapons and ammo (we hope), but we doubt that will happen any more because as soon as you are down on your luck, you can pay from your bank and have the latest fittings.