Depositing Crypto in Digital life bank Proves it is no Risk Haven

When was the last time that you heard that someone lost their crypto in a hack, or someone lost their crypto in a lost hard-drive or thumb-drive? Well such events are an everyday occurrence, with more and more people losing millions of dollars in such incidents. Such incidents are one of the biggest reasons why crypto has not reached critical mass, and why there is a general distrust amongst people for crypto. News like this has reached everyone. People who don’t even know what crypto really is are afraid of crypto just because of negative news like this. And for good reason, no one would want to see their life’s savings be turned into dust.

Digital Life Bank has listened to the concerns of the people, and has started their own crypto holding accounts. These accounts are designed in such a way that they are impenetrable, with cold wallets kept in lockers in secret locations the bank’s crypto holdings are as secure as it gets. The bank uses the hot wallets, or wallets for transactions momentarily before reverting back to cold wallets. This protocol has been initiated to protect people from unnecessary hacks or even thefts from within the bank. While this protects the bank from any hacking related activity, the bank also gives its customers the option to access their passcodes even if they ever forget them, the bank has a four layer authentication system that helps them in offering the service. The service is completely focused on the consumers so that they do not lose their hard earned crypto if they forget the passcode or due to faulty hardware.

For customers who have invested in crypto index funds through the bank the bank has created a completely new system of stop loss. That keeps the risk to the consumer at a minimum, the bank’s management team makes sure that the customers and their investment remains safe during a bearish event so they usually liquidate their investments if they think such an event is near. The bank has done this multiple times throughout the past years saving millions of dollars in investment losses. The service is only provided for the customers who opt for it.
The Insurance policy of the bank is also very elaborate as compared to other crypto exchanges or banks. The bank insures up to 150% of your crypto assets in case of a theft, the bank also has made sure that if the bank’s security is compromised the crypto be transferred to third party holders so that the investors assets are still kept safe. The insurance amount can be claimed in less than 20 minutes with the process taking not more than 48 hours. So you can be sure that if you are keeping/ investing your crypto with Digital Life Bank you are as safe as it gets.

What can be a better deal than this? We have seen multiple exchanges who have tried this but have failed because of their strategy not being at the right place.