Diablo 2 - Understanding Unique Items

The thrill of getting a unique item in Diablo 2 is second to none, especially if it’s one your character build needs.

But what’s a unique item, and how can you get them?

D2 Unique Items

Unique items are the highest tier drop in Diablo 2, right above rare and magic items. Aside from having the highest stat ranges, they also have special abilities that can’t be found anywhere else.

Being powerful equipment, unique items don’t just drop everytime you kill a mob or a mini boss. You will need to ‘farm’ them, or slay act bosses such as Diablo, Baal and Mephisto (or their Uber forms) to get a chance of having one drop when they die.

It’s possible to gamble for a unique item, but don’t expect to get a lot since there’s a very low chance. Still, if you’re loaded with cash and have nothing else to do with them, go ahead and maybe lady luck will smile upon you.

Alternately, you can buy d2 items and get the chance to arm yourself with powerful equips to start farming comfortably.

How to Farm Unique Items in Diablo 2

Unique items are available on single player, multiplayer and in ladder seasons when you go on Battle.net. They can drop as soon as Normal difficulty, but your chances get better in the later difficulty levels.

Keep in mind that there’s no single mob or boss that can drop a particular unique item. When an item drops from a kill, it’s randomly generated. This can be beneficial and detrimental in several ways- you can only wait until a unique drops, and even then it’s not guaranteed your character can use it. On the other hand, you aren’t restricted to farming a single spot, boss or act over and over.

Nowadays it’s easy to buy diablo 2 items online. You can get the most powerful equipment and complete your build in just a matter of minutes.​​​​​​

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