Windows 8 is one of the biggest steps for Microsoft in terms of changing their operating system and what it is capable of. While we’ve strolled through since XP without huge differentiation, it seems Windows 8 is ready to become the mobile-like platform. Windows are also trying to push cloud-computing and the perfect Windows ecosystem to users.

Many have been confused over the differences between the two Windows operating systems, RT and 8. While 8 and Pro will still be choices, we believe that through the years people have grasped that Pro delivers a more business and secure side of Windows.

Windows 8

Windows RT is made for tablet computing, simply, it will only be downloaded by the manufacturer before making the model. You cannot download Windows RT from the Microsoft store, nor can you find it anywhere. It has a very small amount of dedicated Windows PC apps and cannot run applications like CS6 and FL studio.

Instead, it will run applications like Figure and Twitter, once they become available on the Windows Store. We will only see Windows RT on tablet devices and it is present on the Windows Surface device.

Windows 8 is just the next version to Windows 7, it is the version you will see on every PC and a lot of the tablet and it will be the one that is running all the powerful applications a normal PC would. Right now, we don’t see where Windows 8 fits in, apart from being a direct competitor to Apple’s iOS. 

Windows 8

Windows 8 was released with Windows Surface RT on October 26 and with it came over 1,000 pieces of approved hardware by Microsoft. The launch party in Times Square was huge and Surface has already wrapped a huge amount of pre-orders.

We believe we will see more Windows devices launched in the coming months and a Windows phone event is scheduled next week.