Different CSGO Modes And How To Install Them?

Counterstrike has nine gaming modes, namely, Deathmatch, Competitive, Arms Race, Casual, Demolition, Flying Scoutsman, Danger Zone, Wingman, and Weapons Course.

Competitive Mode:

This gaming mode is used as a prerequisite for achieving experience before going into the game. The game comprises of two parts:

  • In the first part, one can attempt it by staying one side, planning through tricks for each round and
  • In the second half of the game, one is allowed to change sides, and they can send themselves to the other side.
  • Each of these rounds includes a total of 15 games.

Casual mode:

In this mode, players automatically gain armor (protective covering), including the defusal kits. The players get to perform with an uncomplicated administration, and there are no team damages in this mode. The players are divided into two teams – terrorists and counter-terrorists.

 In this mode, the task is to kill enemies.  

Demolition Mode

In this mode, players focus on attacking plus protecting one bomb site within multiple maps. Players are automatically awarded a weapon when they attain a kill.

Wingman Mode

This is a 2-vs-2 mode. It has its titles, which are the same as the titles of the competitive mode. This mode has its unique list of maps, specified mainly for four players.

Flying Scoutsman

The 8v8 game method highlights diminished gravitation; this mode does not criticize players for shooting while on the move and supports two weapons per player.

Danger Zone

It is one of the newly introduced modes. The player can land on the island and start watching for weapons with 17 opponents. The main task includes being alive by killing enemies.

Weapons Course

The Weapons Course is an offline practice mode, which is made to facilitate the new players in learning to be familiar with guns plus grenades and defuse and plant the bomb.

The Installation Process

There are many websites to install the game:

  •  Firstly, click on the Install button and Set the installation setting.
  • CSGO can be installed for free on PC.
  • Also, pupils install the steam game.

Follow these steps to install CSGO –

1. Click Install Steam Now button, download the file.

2.  The Steam installation master window opens and reads information.

For this, registration and conformations of email id for the steam account are necessary.

Non-Steam CSGO Installation:

1. Click on the Download SteamCMD button.

2. Click on the Browser button and select the folder where SteamCMD is extracted to.

3. At Server Configuration, click on the drop-down menu and choose Counterstrike: Global Offensive or Counter-Strike: Source.

4. Click on the Browser button for Server Path.

5. Make sure the Validate Files checkbox is thumped and finally click the Install button.

6. A command prompt window will open, and SteamCMD will automatically download the essential files.

Connecting to CSGO Server

  •  For finding public IP address – type in “What’s my IP” in Google then the public IP address will be shown there.
  • Subtract the Server IP into Steam.
  • Connect to the Server
  • Then open CSGO and find servers in the favorites list.


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