Digital Global

Digital Global℠ provides its users with huge pool of curated data on topics like Business, Technology, Webmaster, etc in depth. Digital Global has two main wings as part of its online presence – Digital Global℠ Blog and Digital Global℠ Forum – both try to serve the same purpose but in different ways.

The blog features amazing pieces of write ups to serve different needs of netizens and on the other hand, the forum is a place for users to start a discussion on a topic of their choice or to join an ongoing discussion. The Digital Global Forum also its users to post articles and in turn pays if the write up performs well with the crowd.

An article on the forum can make upto 5,000 DG coins, however, with few prerequisites such as – a minimum of 25 comments should be made on the article and the article should be viewed for a minimum of 500 times. It’s worth mentioning that, Digital Global Forum not only accepts articles but also guides and tutorial format write ups.

The author will receive an initial amount of DG coins upon publishing the work and if the article, guide, tutorial receives more than 10,000 page views then, the write up will be featured on the forum. As usual, Digital Global Forum doesn’t accept unoriginal work and the write up should serve to the crowd at the forum – the content should be valuable to the readers.

Guidelines to publish at Digital Forum:

  • Each article must contain a min of 5 paragraphs.
  • Each article must have no less than 1000 words.
  • Each article must provide value to our readers.
  • Each article must include free images, videos, etc.
  • articles must be 100% unique, and pass Copyscape.
  • articles must be written in English using proper sentence structure.
  • articles must be written in English using good grammar & spelling.
  • articles must be formatted properly ie: bullet points, subtitles, etc…
  • articles must include authority links that provide value to our readers.
  • articles must be well written in a natural manner, and easy to read, no seo…