The ‘doubleTwist’ team has shown Android developers, yet again, how to truly integrate third party applications with iTunes and a multitude of Apple devices.

As of version 1.4, ‘doubleTwist’ allows users to stream music and multimedia to AirPlay speakers and other compatible technology, including the Apple TV.

When a supported device such as the Apple TV is recognized on the same WiFi network as your Android device, you can start streaming to it from the doubleTwist playback controls if you are an AirSync user.

If that wasn’t enough, the latest iteration of DoubleTwist offers fresh streaming support for all DLNA devices and a beta option to stream to Sonos speakers as well.

While the ‘doubleTwist’ player is free, using AirPlay requires you to purchase the $4.99 AirSync addition that enables wireless sync with iTunes and the ability to stream to DLNA or uPnP devices.