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Dragon & Shoemaker is a 3D side-scrolling action and adventure game, based off one of the most notorious legends originating in Krakow, Poland.

There are five different chapters of the game, each one set in areas such as Castles, Caves, Meadows and Cities. Naturally, you begin with the first chapter, Meadows, whilst the rest remain locked until you complete the current section.

Each chapter has different levels, which in turn need to be unlocked as you progress. Even before starting the game,you get the feeling that Dragon & Shoemaker has a large amount of content to offer.


Coins, Sheep and Dragons

One of the main objective in the game is collecting Sheep, alongside Coins. Both collectables are dotted around the maps, and if you want them, you’ll need to jump and move for them at the right moment. At the end of each level, you will be presented with the amounts of Sheep and Coin you have collected.

With these commodities, you can buy new items in the shop between levels. These items include boots which make your Shoemaker – your character, jump higher, sticks for fighting, and more.

Some items can also be found whilst moving through levels, but upgrades and more advanced items can be purchased from the store, which is located within the main menu. You may also purchase coins via in-app purchases.

As you move through the game, backed up with items from the store, you will come across obstacles like cannons, large drop-offs in the map, Dragons and more. Using items and upgrades, you’ll be able to roll, jump, double-jump and fight your way through such obstacles.


Dragon & Shoemaker Design & Game Play

One thing that stands about Dragon & Shoemaker, is the outstanding 3D design quality. It can often be difficult for developers to make side-scrolling games look truly excellent, but 4Toon Studio have done just that.

Backgrounnd objects and effects look great, whilst Fire and other dangerous obstacles look genuinely threatening, making the whole game slightly more immersive. Buildings, characters and all other aspects of the game appear very well polished.

When it comes to game play, Dragon & Shoemaker has plenty to offer. The side-scroller becomes addictive thanks to Sheep and Coin collecting, since they are needed in order to buy crucial supplies from the store.

The increasing quality and difficulty of the levels and chapters also play a part. As you progress, Dragons appear, maps become larger, and obstacles get more difficult.

Final Remarks

All in all, Dragon & Shoemaker is a pretty deep,well featured 3D side-scrolling game. The sense of adventure and achievement come from collecting and buying items, whilst the beautiful maps and landscapes offer something pleasing to look at.

Game play is generally slow, but in a good way. Although things can get frantic when it comes to Dragons, most of the time, you will find yourself enjoying the scenery whilst avoiding the various traps and obstacles laid out for you.

With five chapters, each offering ten levels, there is plenty to do, and thanks to some great design and gam eplay, you’ll be eager to do it.

Download Dragon & Shoemaker from Google Play on Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.