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DRAGONRUNNER Z, developed by Super Level, is an app that has been made for all the Dragonball Z enthusiasts on Android.

The app is your typical side-scroller game themed with graphics inspired by Dragonball Z, so anyone who liked the TV show will be sure to enjoy this game. You control your character using the simple on-screen buttons to collect coins and avoid obstacles.

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There are three actions available: Jump, Attack, and Deflect. Your actions can be enhanced by using one of the in-game special power-up items, including Growth, Super Speed, and Special Attack. Keep collecting coins and you’ll be levelling up in no time to reach Super Power Mode, making your character even stronger to help you defeat the enemies in DRAGONRUNNER Z.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 07.57.25With a super simple interface, addictive gameplay, and familiar theming from Dragonball Z, you’ll have no end of fun with DRAGONRUNNER Z.

The game could be enhanced further by seeing more game modes and more maps, together with making the obstacles more visible. Perhaps also randomising the enemies attack patterns with varying speeds would also help increase the difficulty and the longevity appeal of DRAGONRUNNER Z.