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DU Speed Booster for Android is developed by DU Apps and aims to address the various speed issues that can be caused by extensive usage of your Android device. DU Speed Booster contains a variety of tools that can be used to speed up your device.


DU Speed Booster features a one-tap quick access button to instantly detect issues with your device and resolve them for a quick way to speed your device up.

In addition to the one-tap speedup feature, DU Speed Booster also has an accelerator widget, trash cleaner, an app manager, and a game boaster that can automatically improve your gaming performance on the device by 25%.

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With an extremely easy to use interface, DU Speed Booster is an easy and effective way to speed up your device by using the various bundled tools to detect potential issues with your device. I found the cache cleaner particularly useful since I had acclaimed more than 1GB of cached files which was using up my internal storage. DU Speed Booster was able to quickly identify and delete these files to free up my space.

The ability to also manage background processes, kill tasks and disable auto-start apps (rooted devices only) to clean up memory meant I could keep my device running quick and see exactly what was using up my CPU.

DU Speed Booster is available for free on the Google Play Store, and it is an essential tool for anyone concerned with the performance of their device.