earth 3D mac app

earth 3D mac app

Price: $2.99     Score: 9/10     Category: Entertainment

Earth 3D is a geographic Mac App developed by 3Planesoft.

You can use this beautiful app to see the Earth as it would look from outer space. Explore the surface of our planet with the same point of view that astronauts on the space shuttle would have…but in lush, vivid detail.

But Earth 3D doesn’t just offer a view of Earth’s physical features. You can also see political, country, and city delineations. Even cooler: Earth’s major cities are depicted with great detail of their most famous buildings and structures.

Earth 3D plays music as you explore its library of 253 sites of interest and 838 geographic names. The visuals of the Earth are absolutely stunning, with HD-textures for 1920×1080 and up. This Mac App starts up automatically at login, but doesn’t prevent your computer from going to sleep while it is running.

I can’t get over how gorgeous Earth 3D looks, and I could imagine a curious child spending hours just exploring the map, totally blissed out.

In addition to all of its other perks, the Earth 3D Mac App designed by 3Planesoft has a screen saver mode, plus built-in multi-monitor support with monitor selection.

Your computer screen is your window to the world. Now, this gorgeous app takes your “window on the world” and turns it into a window that looks like it’s looking out over the Earth from way up in outer space.

If you want to make your computer screen turn into a work of art, this “out of this world” app is, well… out of this world. I personally think it’s pretty enough to warrant the price tag, but your mileage may vary.

Earth 3D is a Mac App which requires OS X 10.6.6 or later.