Eight Game-Changing Technologies You Might Not Know About Yet

Technology is continually and rapidly changing in both the consumer and business environments. Every day, groundbreaking and revolutionary new business, health, and consumer innovations emerge. But it often takes some time for the “next big thing” to get noticed and catch on. For example, Google introduced the first G-Suite back in 2006—long before cloud technology and real-time collaboration became the mainstream.

Here’s why many IT professionals think that soon these innovations will become massive.

Quantum computing

You can already find quantum computing in today’s niche applications. More and more funding has become available in recent years to carry quantum circuits into new environments, including imaging, sensing, and measuring. Quantum computing is a game-changer. It shifts the basic concept of how computation is provided to other industries — and in the Big Data age, computation is everything.


In China, the WeChat app is massive. Think all in one of WhatsApp, PayPal, Facebook, and LinkedIn, plus more. WeChat has a function that allows you to shake your phone and when another person shakes their phone at the same time, it will instantly link you to someone nearby or globally.

Consumer eSIM

Started a few years ago with Google Pixel and now widely available in flagship smartphones such as iPhone 11 / XR / XS and Samsung Galaxy S20, embedded SIM (eSIM) allows consumers to switch wireless plans with just a few clicks, without having to change SIM cards physically. ESIM is a game-changer. It removes the hassle and discomfort of physical SIM cards and offers more options to customers.

Dual-lens cameras

In the past three years, GoPro has greatly improved its hardware. The GoPro Max is a cross between a 360-degree camera and an action camera. This is both worlds’ brightest. The camera offers great image stabilization while enabling users to edit point-of-view through the capture of 360 degrees. Equipment like this helps people to show specific viewpoints on their favorite activities.

Blockchain security and compliance monitoring

The massive increase in recognition and interest in cryptocurrencies in 2017, when prices hit record peaks, resulted in the need for rapidly emerging blockchain security and enforcement monitoring. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are gaining ground as a new means of payment for SMEs, peer-to-peer transactions, solution providers, and businesses. It is not a surprise to see forex brokers, online casino websites, and many other merchants turn to cryptocurrency payments, as a cheaper and more efficient payment solution. Monitoring systems and techniques often operate in the background (unknown to many). Still, they are crucial to safeguarding blockchain networks as well as detecting problems related to fraud, anti-money laundering, and adherence.

Transformer neural network architecture

The architecture of the Transformer neural network has revolutionized natural language processing capacities (e.g., Google’s BERT and OpenAI’s GPT-2). Transformer networks have significantly improved performance on tasks from the recognition of speech to answering questions since 2017. Its technology helped reduce barriers to activities such as customized tutoring and AI-enhanced customer service.

Google’s automated phone calls and solving help

It’s impressive to hear automated phone calls from Google and helpful answers. Plus, its Android availability allows the app to serve as a quasi-personal assistant to screen phone calls and basic tasks such as setting up meetings, etc. It is not so much for personal use, but a game-changer for everyday business.

Omniscience and next-best-action prediction

Since the advent of machine learning, advertisers can now collect and synthesize vast quantities of heterogeneous data from various sources. This data will enable them to detect trends within their consumers’ profiles and journeys easily. This technology is applied by several websites like online casinos providing games like online slots, to find out exactly what services and games they can provide for their customers’ excitement. Such data-driven insights are invaluable in creating better multi-touch attribution models and forecasting the next-best-action strategy to encourage buying from customers.


In the coming years, these technological applications will take center stage in many technological devices such as phones and other computing devices. Technological innovations in recent years have always kept the world on its toes. Sooner or later, several of the above innovations will be included in many systems and become part of our everyday life.

With the current pace of technological growth, it’s only a matter of time.

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