Emerging Growth in Artificial Intelligence


Change is inevitable, evolution can’t be ignored and the impact of technology cannot be overstated. The world is changing at the speed of light, the world we had decades ago is not the one we have today. Technology has changed every aspect of our life. And one of those changes is the innovation and evolution of artificial intelligence. Whether we agree with its ethics or not, artificial intelligence is part of our daily life. Artificial intelligence discourse is one of the hottest topics generating waves in the tech industry these days. For example, the fact that artificial intelligence courses including machine learning and deep learning are now one of the leading MIT courses for tech experts and data scientists in the industry. In a similar vein, H2K Infosys offers one of the best Artificial Intelligence courses comparable to MIT standards in terms of world-class training and technology with its most innovative corporate research and development wing called the cloud test lab and many more features.

The broad course of artificial intelligence spans from image processing data to predictive analytics and much more. China, who aspires to be a leading pioneer of artificial intelligence has already introduced AI in its educational curriculum for its high school students. Its media influence cannot be understated as most sci-fi shows and movies are now artificial intelligence movies albeit in more artificial intelligence of superhuman intelligence fiction, the HBO TV show Westworld comes to mind. Human-machine collaboration is the growing ideology in the world of tech experts. Its innovation is influencing various industries like the manufacturing and retail industry, automobile, education, transportation, finance, and healthcare.  For example, artificial intelligence in healthcare has proven to be a growing and favorable idea in the medical field by increasing efficiency in medical life-saving equipment and even the role of AI in bringing healthcare to underdeveloped nations. Leading companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google among others are investing their capital and resources towards the future of artificial intelligence. Arguably, artificial intelligence is one of the most controversial and widely debatable technological evolution and development of mankind. 

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

John McCarthy, the father of artificial intelligence defines the concept as ‘the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs’. 

Furthermore, Marvin Minsky defined Artificial Intelligence as ‘the science of making machines do things that would require intelligence if done by men”. 

Artificial intelligence according to leading AI textbooks is advanced machines that mimic cognitive functions of human intelligence such as learning and problem-solving. Artificial intelligence machines integrate different technologies to comprehend, act, and learn with the human intelligence level. Advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial neural networks are within the broad horoscope. 

The image below shows the brain of a robot designed to act and function as a human.

In summary, Artificial Intelligence is a concept developed as a result of the invention of science and technology which gives machines, computers, devices, act, and think like humans. 

The Benefit and Future of Artificial Intelligence

While there are various misconceptions about the influence and role of AI in the future of employment as there are varying beliefs that continuous innovation of AI can lead to a disposable future of human labor. The reality is, the focus shouldn’t be on whether AI will drive out human evolution or not, the truth is AI is human evolution. So, rather than look at what AI means, the focus should be on what AI means for individuals, organizations, and the world at large. Here are three benefits of artificial intelligence.

  • Precise accuracy and predictions by offering intelligent data and analysis to transform businesses. Since the idea of innovation of AI has merged with e-commerce, AI has become more important for firms and businesses in general. Machines think differently from humans by being extremely calculative. They can uncover data that includes opportunities in the market while providing accurate and precise predictions based on data accumulated. AI gives more competitive insights. 
  • They provide digital assistance: in other words, personal assistants. Most highly advanced corporations already use AI technologies like chatbots to deal with customers efficiently. Many companies are becoming sophisticated in their business growth objectives. Here’s an image of a chatbox with some of its features.
  • Performs tasks that might seem repetitive: AI gives employers and employees more opportunity and time to tackle more high risk fulfilling tasks by doing works that might have seemed mundane and repetitive for the owners by fundamentally changing how the job is done.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

As earlier stated, there are misconceptions about the role of AI in the disposable future of mankind and there have been agitations from various individuals. Even business tech like Elon Musk has voiced a slightly rather disagreeing tone towards the development of artificial intelligence despite his financial contributions. A study conducted by Frey and Osbourne estimated that about 47% of occupations face near term risks of automation by AI and this has been a general belief. Hence, the origin behind the idea that AI is the end of human evolution. But as James Bessen et al rightly pointed out just because innovations affect commerce does not mean that these technologies will be adopted or diffused on time. Whether the current resurgence in AI development is an inconvenience to the future or not, it’s present benefits outweigh its probable future risks. The reality is AI technology and development are advancing and its adoption has a clear, more beneficial, and competitive advantage. Artificial intelligence has been the major driver of innovative technologies like big data, robotics among others. There is literally no industry that has not felt the impact of artificial intelligence or is not actively pushing for the growth of artificial intelligence. Experts and companies’ interests for the foreseeable future doesn’t seem like it’s going to waver. 

A Self-Driving Car


Artificial Intelligence is a concept that has evolved over the years to become a cogent part of the world today. Businesses and individuals have employed the use of various artificially intelligent machines in lieu of humans due to the enormous advantages enjoyed. Also, artificial intelligence has helped lots of sectors reach their goals within a short time. With all these benefits, the expansion of artificial intelligence increases due to the emerging growth factors. 

In the aspect of artificial intelligence courses, many individuals will be more interested in this discourse as it becomes more useful. Generally, the future of artificial intelligence is a thing to look forward to with many diversifying to the use of machines in their daily activities. 

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