Smart Device

Data entry is an inevitable part of every organization irrespective of what the company deals with. The quality and accuracy of the data determine the productivity and growth of the organization. Gone are those days when data used to be written on the paper and stored in file folders.

With advancement of technology every organization has replaced the traditional method with high end technology and tools like computer, internet, software, etc. Nowadays, you can get help from the Internet as well, just navigate to and you’ll find all the answers.


 Effective Software Significance

Use of smart devices in certain sectors like inspection, audit, quality control, etc. has been immensely increasing because of its significant benefits. Smart devices like smartphone, tablets, iPod, etc. installed with compatible software helps to get out of the trouble of carrying paper, pen, clipboard and camera to the field for collecting evidences in support of the inspection and clear visibility. With effective software you only have to carry the smart device and your productivity will be much enhanced..

Effective software saves considerable amount of time and simplifies task management and workflow. The significant offline functionality makes the software more viable as there is no fixed location of the field so you don’t have to depend on the internet for performing the inspection.

All the important features like auto fill, logic, user login information, etc. will remain active offline. The data captured offline with automatically get uploaded onto the server once the mobile is connected to the internet.

Comprehensive Feasibility Study

In today’s competitive market a smart device with effective software enables you to stay ahead of your competitor. So before choosing the software you should evaluate all the features carefully in order to get maximum benefits out of it.

  • Form flexibility- Plan action as per data entered by the inspector. Trigger automatic alert and send email for intimation. The in- built questionnaires with answers help to minimize the time for searching correct responses. Photos captured can be attached immediately to the form. The field validation option allows you to enter correct data; for every specific field thus increasing accuracy.
  • Easy integration capabilities- Easily integrate with the existing program, application and tools and work in synchronization with relevant program by using data for better solution. Control form accessibility as per user’s designation. Addition and removal of user’s permission for editing particular form can also be conveniently controlled.
  • Impactful field assessment- With GPS and timestamp, tracking the location becomes much easier. Evaluate safety and compliance regulation and follow-ups the actions accordingly. No more pen and paper take signature digitally on the smart device.
  • Real time data analysis- Tracking the status of the task in the basis of data filled by inspector and evaluating data from dashboard with help of trend lines can be done precisely. Data can be exported via all possible formats like PDF, CSV, SPSS and XML.

Outstanding Features to Boost Performance

Effective software for your smart device will change the perception of inspection and will give you a whole new experience. The option of customizing the form and features as per organization requirements encourage more user to use it. The scoring and calculating facilities are an added advantage.

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