Everything You Need To Know About Tag Heuer Formula 1

The Tag Heuer Formula has a specific place in the history of its brand. It is the first watch that has been released after the purchase of the Heuer d’Avant Garde in 1986. Heuer spent the 70’s and 80’s trying to achieve a lot of money using mechanical watches designed in another competitive place.

Formula 1 is inspired by the success of a different watch called the swatch watch, which has been distributed at Basel’s market in 1983. The watch crisis of the 70’s forced the Swiss brand watches to think over how they will engineer a look to make lots of money by having a lower price to sell. It is 30-50% off Autavia’s price.

Series 1

Burgener Eddy designs the beginning generation of the F1 watch, and it is used as a case for construction and a mix of stainless steel coated with fiberglass in its inner case. The initial range has only a limit of 2 different sizes, the 34mm and the 28mm. It has a bright-colored case that matches the straps.

The design and form of it are not like any other contemporary Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch because the only method and traits it has is the Mercedes hands style that are used in their Diving Series of watches. The sales expanded in 1987, and it also has a bracelet and a stainless case. The fiberglass continued to boom up until 1994. It is the top watch of the series.

Series 2

After the launch of the 1st series of the formula one they released another Formula 1 watch in 1998, and it is a basic designed watch with an upgraded Chronograph form. The series 2 has the same design as the previous one but in a separate distinct dial. The dial has a scale on its minutes on the outer edge part. It also has a triangular shape for the time and hands.

Series 3

Four years after the release of the series 2, another Tag Heuer has been released with newly built materials and design. It has titanium coated with carbide and has a steel bezel with a sapphire type of crystal and a 316 case of steel. The dial of the watch makes a massive upgrade in the formula one series. It also has new hands that are a triangular shape.

Series 4

The fourth designed series is an extensive makeover of the 2003 design. The Polyurethane’s bumper is replaced by a different branding, the “Tag Heuer” brand, as you can see on the side of its case. The new series is much larger than the old series. It has a 41 mm for the watch and the Chronograph.

The new ChronographChronograph’s familiar design was the size of the big ^ o’clock register and had a frame of a silver-colored ring. It has markers for hours with a 5-minute number to the other scale on the side of the dial. The three-hand watch and the Chronograph have similar movements.

Series 5

In 2012 the Tag Heuer Company launched and re-designed the Formula 1 series. They said that they need to build a new design that can attract more people to buy it. The watch’s case stayed as the old design, but the range was re-designed on a 42mm case on the Chronograph and watch models. It was made to have a grown-up feel for the people.

Series 6

The new model in 2015 represents the most significant change in the history of the Formula 1 series. It has no new case design that they have used for almost 30 years. Heuer Autivia gives the new watch a very different look than the other watch design, but it has a Formula 1 design heritage. It expanded its mechanical movements with a caliber from 5 to 7 kinds.


The Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch design established itself as the new face of the Tag watch series. People can choose any Formula 1 series color because it can blend in any outfit. This watch offers a mechanical version for the people that love Tag Heuer watches, and they said that it is a good watch to wear.

If people can see this watch, they can remember the Mclaren sports team’s design with a red color uniform in their Prix. Many tag engines are winning in many different kinds of races every month, and this watch is the perfect watch for any type of racing sports. Over time this watch becomes more conservative and expensive.