The expected changes in Apple Inc. Upcoming iPhone
The expected changes in Apple Inc. Upcoming iPhone

Ever thought how the upcoming iPhone would be? So some changes are expected in the coming new iPhone. Apple Inc. is expected to make changes to one of the basic component that is more frequently used; that is the button.

Mark Gurman, one of the well known Apple reporters in the world, frequently reports the latest news about iPhone. He says in the article:

“[The] new models will have a pressure-sensitive button that provides feedback to the user via a vibrating haptic sensation rather than a true physical click, according to the people.”

So according to him, Apple Inc. is going to make much variation to the home button. It won’t actually be a button but will be appear as a button, giving a similartouch sensation as of an ordinary button.

Although physical gadget components like buttons and switches give the user a more realistic actual feeling. For instance, to give the iPhone a reboot the side button is to be pressed long the power button. So this new technology might be not pleasant to some users.

If we talk in depth of the modified button, then we will have to agree to the fact that it would be a bit more difficult to fix the upcoming iPhones. Due to this very reason, many users of Apple products kvetch the idea of “planned obsolescence” because this way the company intentionally manufactures its products so that they are much harder to fix. This way it makes more money by selling new hardware. There seems to be no good turnarounds to this because unlike other smartphones third-party companies won’t be easily able to replace parts for the upcoming iPhone. Simply without an actual button, it will be harder for users to control the phone, when getting in and out of it.

In February we had already seen that new home button, due to its complex functionality, created usage problems for some iPhone users. Due to frequent use of home button, its life period tends to end. So many customers wanted to replace the button, but unfortunately that was not easily possible. But the company gave security excuses as the reason of making such a button so that no one tampers with it. The only turnaround then remains is that customers have to replace their iPhones from Apple Inc., which is something good to know.

However there are also many pros of this newer gadget construction. Firstly, it leaves almost no room for dust, sand etc. to get into the phone making it safe from many hardware hazards.Also less need remains to clean it manually. Secondly, Apple Inc. has been trying to compete world’s other smartphones in making their products much more water-resistant.

One of the world’s most commonly used smartphones i.e. Android phones have also shifted to use software buttons. This way much more room is available for screen for handier work. The three buttons in Android viz. Options Menu, Home and Back buttons only appear to the user when in use.

The Apple Inc. has already introduced this soft-button technology in its MacBooks and the 3D touch of iPhone. Such buttons can work in more than one dimension on flat screens giving much more functionality than ordinary buttons.
Smartphone have always been changing and losing buttons. Firstly, the dial pads, then the “call/end” buttons were removed. Now we are also going to miss much more buttons we were used to. So we’ll have to primarily play around with a touch screen only.