Our FAA overlords have validated what most travelers have been doing on planes for years — it soon will be “safe” to use most electronic devices not only during regular flight, but also during take off and landing. However, in dazzling display of reason, the new FAA electronics rules still proscribe talking on a cellphone.

And, that wasn’t sarcasm — not allowing people to talk on their cellphones during take off and landing is a good thing, a very thing.

The CNN is reporting that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has adjusted the rules covering the use of electronic devices during take off, flight and landing. Although talking on a cellphone is still verboten, using an iPad (tablet), Kindle (ereader) or iPod (mp3 player), in Air Plane mode, during all aspects of flight is now OK.

Well, except that bit when the flight attendants are explaining the safety features of the plane. Otherwise, we’re good to keep doing what we were doing.

“Each airline will determine how and when this will happen,” says FAA administrator Michael Huerta.

There’s that, too. The rules have been approved, but each airline must prove consumer electronics devices are safe to use on their planes, which is expected to happen by the end of the year.

“We’re pleased the FAA recognizes that an enjoyable passenger experience is not incompatible with safety and security,” says US Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow. “What’s good for the traveler is good for travel-related businesses and our economy.”

So, will these changes — it’s now legal to use most electronics during take off and landing — somehow boost the economy? Given that most of us have already been doing it for years, no.

Again, airplane mode device usage has been approved by the FAA and the airlines now need to certify device usage on their planes

And, if you’re interested in learning the real reasons FAA electronics weren’t allowed on airplanes, College Humor (NSFW) has answers…

What’s your take?