iOS chat heads rejoice! Facebook has given their iPhone and iPad app a cleaner look that’s both snappier and more complete — better than v5.x. However, the real business of Facebook 6 is chat heads.

First off, Apple hasn’t given Mark Zuckerberg permission to take over the homescreen — this isn’t Facebook Home a la Android. That’s a good thing™.

However, Facebook 6 for iPhone and iPad does bring significant changes:

New for iPhone:
• Keep chatting from anywhere in the app with chat heads
• Send stickers to bring your messages to life
• Explore new feeds like Music, Photos and Games

New for iPad:
• Keep chatting from anywhere in the app with chat heads
• Browse brighter, more beautiful stories

Yes, the interface is cleaner, snappier and offers more functionality a la music photos, games and stories. On a personal note, this is much closer to the browser experience.

Facebook 6: Chat Heads

Whereas Facebook Home (Android) puts chat heads everywhere — games, browsing, apps. Everywhere, like mold.

Because Apple hasn’t given Facebook system-level access, that’s not the case with chat heads in Facebook 6 for the iPhone and iPad. Again, that’s a good thing™.

Tip: To dismiss a chat head bubble, tap and hold on the chat head, and drag it down the X at the bottom of the screen.

Chat heads will only appear in the app itself and messaging is limited to Facebook friends — no SMS integration. However, according to various sources the implementation is nonetheless slick and smooth.

Yes, it will be fun, but won’t take over your iPhone or iPad — no annoying interruptions when you’re typing an email, using an app or playing a game. Apple’s security and privacy policies keep Facebook and chat heads at arm’s length, which is a safer, less intrusive approach to social media integration.

Ready to try chat heads yourself? For better and worse, Facebook will turn on chat heads and sticker (i.e. enhanced emojis) functionality in the coming weeks.

For what it’s worth, to my way of thinking, Facebook 6 will be superior to Facebook Home…

What’s your take?

Redmond Pie, Miami Herald