An Image of Facebook wallpaper on mobile phones

It’s barely 10 minutes since you last checked your phone, but your fingers are already itching to pick it up. The urge to check your favorite apps every few minutes is just intense as you can’t resist it.

Has it ever crossed your mind that technology companies, especially app developers, could be programming your devices, so that you and your family get hooked to them?

If you are always staring intently at your smartphone, you probably are a victim of brain hacking. A former Google product manager’s recent revelation is something to go by concerning this. What is that revelation all about?

The Tricks Apps Use to Get You Hooked
Technology giants need app creators to provide them with the latest high-tech algorithms in app technology to keep the customers happy. These tech giants in turn go to software app developers like MKE software to provide what the clients want for a win-win situation. Conversely, there are companies that use underhand tactics to get you hooked to your devices and this could have far-reaching negative effects on your health in the long run.

According to Tristan Harris, former Google product manager, Facebook uses casino-style tricks to ensure that you remain hooked to your device. He is among the few tech insiders to publicly admit that the firms responsible for programming your mobile devices are working around-the-clock to ensure that you and your family have the urge to always check your phones.

How Do They Do It; How Do They Make You Addicted?
According to Harris, Silicon Valley giants like Facebook and Google are employing what computer programmers call ‘brain hacking’ to get your brain hooked to your smartphone. The brain hacking techniques used have been borrowed from casinos and are known to destroy children’s ability to focus.

Namely, the Facebook notification streams are made to excite the brain, in the way slot machines do. They are geared towards hijacking your mind and create a habit. Have you ever asked yourself why apps allow users to gradually collect rewards over time, or why Facebook notifies you every time you get a like?

Through these tactics, these tech giants are programming people. They are committed to shaping your thoughts and feelings. Moreover, these tactics are not only weakening our relationships to one another, but they are also destroying our children’s ability to concentrate.

Is There Any Solution in the Offing?
Brain Hack

With the spirit to counter the effects of brain hacking, a Berlin-based psychologist has created an app that will help protect us from getting addicted to our devices.

The app is called Offtime. It works by limiting which apps you can use you to avoid distractions. Likewise, it can prevent people from contacting you, unless it is a case of emergency. This doesn’t mean that it limits connectivity permanently. It just allows you to activate Offtime mode whenever you need to focus.

The app has other levels of customization:

  • You can block all calls, notifications, and messages during Offtime
  • You can pre-select VIP contacts, which are never blocked. Hence, they can reach you even when Offtime is active.

Final Thoughts
Technology has brought us immense benefits. However, it can also be used in a way that kills our focus, destroys our relationships, and even inflict grave health effects. One such way is brain hacking, which has been employed by technology giants to get us hooked to our devices.

Fortunately, other companies have developed apps to help counter the effects of brain hacking. If you feel you are addicted to your device, you should get such apps before things get out of hand.