Word hit the net that Facebook was working on a secret photo sharing app just the other day, but apparently the iOS app isn’t the only hush-hush project the Facebook team have under cover… Project Spartan, another covert project, has come to light.

According to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, the guys at Tech Crunch have been continuing their snooping into Facebook and have come across this Project Spartan, which apparently Facebook is near launching, and is a mobile platform for the iPhone and Apple iPad.

However Project Spartan won’t be available via the Apple App Store, but is HTML5 based and will work in Safari. Apparently there are roughly 80 developers already working on Project Spartan, working on such things as new apps and games apps.

Word is Android will also be a part of Project Spartan but its initial target is iOS devices. So basically according to Tech Crunch what we are probably going to see is when you fire upFacebook you might see a drop down offering apps, and clicking on one of the apps will load it.