Facebook Messenger Adds Newly Designed Emoticons to Share With Family and Friends
Facebook Messenger Adds Newly Designed Emoticons to Share With Family and Friends

Facebook has added new emoticons to its web chat and messenger to share with family and friends. We all use a ton of emoticons, but some people use more than other. Most teens and other youngsters feel like these kinds of emojis are second nature (and often used in conversation).

One of the biggest issues with emoticons is that they aren’t universal on all devices. If you have an iOS phone or an Android, there are often blocks and missing symbols that leave you guessing exactly what your friends are trying to say. Plus, a lot of people interpret emojis differently (depending on their culture, their gender, and their background). As emojis become more and more popular; it’s important that they’re fully fleshed out and easy to understand. Even more, the Unicode Consortium releases more and more emojis every year; highlighting change in our society.

Emoticons are Considered “Second Language” for Some

Facebook Messenger is giving users more this time; with over 1,500 different emojis built right into the app. It was meant to make conversation easier. If you’re worried about losing your favorites, don’t. Your favorite emojis are still built into the app to lessen the possibility of being misunderstood.

New Facebook Messenger Emoticons

It doesn’t matter which platform you’re using, the new Messenger gives you tons of new designs, as well as options that aren’t as gentrified (many people weren’t happy with the “male” and “female” choices). What’s even better is that these options aren’t only less gentrified; they’re also multi-colored, and “racially diverse” according to the android community.

Choose Virtually Everything About The New Facebook Emoticons

One of the coolest new features of the app is being able to choose your default skin tones that you prefer (when the newest Messenger launches). This means that you can choose between exceptionally black skin tones to yellow or peach skin tones. If you change your mind, just go back to the settings tab and change it to whichever color you prefer.

A New Emoji Picker Too!

On top of these features, you can now pick a “emoji” picker that helps you find your favorite appropriate emojis that you need. Just update your Messenger app to get all of the emojis. Spend you time learning all that you can do with the app! You’ll love the new decorations, designs and approaches used to help designate new emojis. Your friends and family are sure to have just as much fun as you will with them.