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Faith.com is an iPhone app developed by Spark Networks USA LLC. A spin off from the popular site Faith.com, the Faith.com app provides families with a way to access “the internet’s most inspiring and family-friendly videos.”

Uplifting videos are the bread and butter of the Faith.com app for iOS. There are thousands of videos to choose from, including funny animal videos and family-friendly clips.

Faith.com iPhone App Faith.com iPhone App

You can share your favorite videos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, or SMS right from within the Faith.com app. Finding content to watch and share is easy. You can search by keyword, or browse the latest uploads chronologically. You can also browse by category, such as kids, pets, heroes, music, entertainment, or “funny.”

The interface in this app is surprisingly intuitive, with a design that is actually rather beautiful. It does take a while to scroll down the list of videos on an iPhone, as you can only see about two video previews at a time on the screen.

Faith.com iPhone App Faith.com iPhone App

There’s a great array of videos here, from cute critters to heartwarming news stories to goofy babies, and so much more. This app is a good way to find amusing videos that are kid-safe and workplace appropriate.

Overall, the Faith.com app does a great job of balancing a rich set of features with ease of use. This app is fun to browse, and there are great descriptions of each video so you always have some idea of what you are about to watch.

If you want an app that takes the guesswork out of finding funny or inspirational videos, the Faith.com app is a solid choice.

Faith.comrequires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. Follow Tapscape for the best iPhone app reviews.

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