Have you forgotten about The Fappening? Needless to say, neither Jennifer Lawrence nor the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have. To whit, G men have been out serving search warrants and confiscating computer kit — Fappening 2015, get some!

The lovely people at Gawker, and they are lovely, notes that a federal freedom of information act request has delivered details about a recently served search warrant. The target of the FBI investigative ire is one Emilio Herrera, a Chicago area person of interest who recently saw G men cart away “several computers, mobile phones, a Kindle, floppy disks, hard rives and thumb drives.”

If the event was The Fappening, then would that make Jennifer Lawrence The Fappenee and Herrera, presumed innocent, The Fappener or Fappinator? Inquiring minds want to know

Apparently, Herrera caught the FBI’s attention after suspicious activity linked him, or at the very least someone using his IP address, to 3,263 instances of access to 500 unique iCloud, including the celebrity women exposed by The Fappening.

According to the FBI, Herrera “worked fervently for a over a year” to collecte large numbers of celebrity photos.

Word to wise? If you’re going to try, let alone “succeed” at hacking Jennifer Lawrence’s iPhone to steal her naughtiest and most salacious snaps, it would be best to use a virtual private network (VPN) in order to cover your tracks…

What’s your take?