Fair play? Johnsmcjohn, the guy on Reddit who posted nude Fappening pics of Jennifer Lawrence et al is now complaining about an invasion of his privacy.

Jennifer Lawrence’s naughty bits fully exposed to public view? That apparently is fair play, but the guy on Reddit who posted the racy to raunchy Fappening photos of Lawrence and other Hollywood starlets is now complaining about an invasion of his privacy.

Really, we’re not kidding. He’s actually complaining.

The Redditor in question is goes by the nick “Johnsmcjohn.” He posted the Fappening photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Kate Upton and other Hollywood starlets, as well as a bunch of males whom no one seems to give a single damn about, to Reddit.

From there, the Fappening pictures, at least some of which were stolen from the starlets’ iCloud backups of their iPhones, spread around the world.

Fappening to Johnsmcjohn

Redditors are known for rabidly protecting their privacy while gleefully exposing the often sordid details of other people’s lives, as exemplified by the Fappening. That hypocrisy is now playing out very publicly in the media.

“Why is my being on an asexuality website or an Aspergers board relevant to my work on /r/TheFappening?” writes Johnsmcjohn. “I decided Thursday that I wouldn’t delete my account and if the press wants to send me thru the ringer, so be it. I won’t be bullied into silence.”

What just cause Johnsmcjohn believes what “work” he’s performing or what principles he’s standing up for isn’t obvious to anyone. Perhaps if other Redditors fully doxed Johnsmcjohn and posted his private information β€” photos, family, naked, work address, credit history, etc β€” on Reddit that make the relevance clear to him.

Seriously, Johnsmcjohn, you are now a public figure. Furthermore, Johnsmcjohn, if your privacy gets trashed in the name of exposing social media hypocrisy, who would you be to complain…

What’s your take?