With all the talk about fingerprint sensors, the iPhone 5C, the iPhone 5S, and the upcoming unveiling event, everyone’s minds have been focused on predicting what to expect with these; however, a new mockup takes a whole new approach to what could be in store for us with the iPhone 6.

Some artists from a company called Dribble have created a mockup of what they are calling the iPhone 6 Infinity, and that’s because it features a wrap around screen.Yes, that’s right, a wraparound screen.

iphone 6 infinity


We’ll call it what it is, absolutely nuts.

However, let’s entertain the idea for a second. Samsung have already come out with flexible displays that offer additional screen real estate to display information such as news tickers or notifications, so the technology is certainly achievable. I mean, if a company were to pull something like this off, it would be Apple right?

Currently the bezels don’t really do anything on a phone, they’re just a way to hold the screen into place and to offer a sort of frame, since we as humans are used to looking at everything in a frame – Pictures, TV’s, Windows… So it seems sort of natural.

iPhone 6 Infinity – The logical next step

But getting rid of this bezel not only opens up valuable screen space without physically making the device any bigger, but it opens up a borderless possibility, where the screen never ends. This is why the iPhone 6 Infinity makes sense, it’s something that literally breaks the boundaries of displays as we know it.

Will Apple include such a feature on the iPhone 6? Probably not, but the idea of a screen with no limits or edges is definitely not as crazy as it may seem, and actually makes a lot of sense.

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