atv flash

Good news for Jailbroken ATV 2 users as FireCore updates its popular software ATV Flash (black) with a whole bunch of new features. For those unaware, the software is only supported on the Apple TV 2 (probably why it’s running at over $200 on Amazon) and unfortunately doesn’t support Apple TV 3, because well, you can’t jailbreak it yet.

Anyway, with that out of the way, lets have a look at some of these new awesome features. The update brings ATV Flash to version 2.1 and brings in a few small improvements and enhancements, but most notably the new ATV Flash introduces a TV Show playlist option which allows you to queue up your TV Shows for viewing, and also to resume watching were you left off – something I am continuously frustrated with on the stock software shipped with the ATV2.

Here’s the full ATV Flash (black) 2.1 change log from FireCore’s blog:

  • NEW! TV Show Playlists – easily pick up from the last unwatched episode
  • NEW! Custom Favorites – create favorites from almost anything, including search terms
  • Big speed improvements while browsing movies/shows
  • Library and Search items can now be hidden from main menu
  • Now showing ‘Writers’ instead of ‘Producers’ on pre-playback screen
  • .ite folders are now hidden from view
  • Hidden files are no longer included in slideshows
  • Better metadata fetching
  • Better trakt syncing and scrobbling
  • Better handling of network settings and errors
  • Many search related improvements
  • Many subtitle related improvements (special characters, performance, etc…)
  • Fixed rare scrobbling issue
  • Fixed rare problems when playing audio files
  • Fixed a few memory related issues
  • iOS 6 support
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements

FireCore claims the ATV Flash (black) is supported in iOS 6, but since there is no iOS 6 untethered Jailbreak yet, it makes it a meaningless feature, at the moment…

Fancy getting your hands on this new piece of software? No problem, you can download 2.1 for free by opening the app on your Apple TV and going to Maintenance > Manage Extras. If you’ve never heard of FireCore but think this is something you’d like then you can purchase it from FireCore’s website for $29.95.