Fish Up is a game available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android platforms. This is a game in which players navigate a fish through a world of under sea obstacles. In that respect, it is comparable to Flappy Bird, except that it has a fish instead of a bird and hooks for pipes.

What Does it Do?

In Fish Up players navigate their fish through the sea and must dodge past hooks, killer fishes, sharks, tentacles and more besides by tapping up and down buttons, which can be either visible or not depending on the setting you select. The objective is to keep the fish going and eventually defeat King Shark that attempts to eat you at the end of 10 levels. A timer records how long you kept the fish going for, and the game also saves record scores. Players accumulate stars based on their scores each time the fish is killed off. With those stars players can unlock new power ups to upgrade their fish with and get an extra chance to continue playing when the fish killed off. In addition, you can also gain extra stars by completing some of the various in-game missions.

Fish Up3

Fish Up certainly has decent playability, but only gives players one chance to continue playing when their fish gets killed off. And for that you still need to have a minimum of 75 stars. With only one continue option included, the game can get a little tedious. Graphically the game has a reasonable variety of colors and smooth visuals. But even though it has an underwater setting, its backgrounds are static and lack animation. Fish Up has a catchy soundtrack and diverse sound effects.

fish up

TapScape’s Final Thoughts

As a free game Fish Up certainly offers good value, but does include a few in-app purchase options for extra stars and to switch off ads with. It is not especially original, but is a fun app that you will not be able to finish in a day or two. For further details, check out the app’s website.