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Five Must-Have Omega Seamaster Watches



Five Must-Have Omega Seamaster Watches

The competition in the market of luxury watches was as cutthroat as ever. This is why luxury brands do not stop thinking of ways, designs, advertising, and such other means to gain leverage against other brands of luxurious watches. Omega continuously thinks of different methods as one of these exquisite watches, and Omega Seamaster is one of these ideas.

Omega Seamaster can lead the revolution to a new design and technology for water-resistant luxury timepieces and is making noise in the world of watches. Omega utilizes a unique O-ring gasket different from commonly used shellac gaskets or other lead items destroyed eventually by extreme underwater changes.

Seamaster Diver Black Dial Steel Men’s Watch

To start this must-have list, Seamaster Diver 300 is here to present its seemingly enlarged appearance. This watch is made up of stainless steel from its case to its bracelet band, so the wearer’s comfortability is pretty much assured. Seamaster Diver 300 is perfect for those who want to maintain a sense of simplicity while adding a masculine touch.

Seamaster Diver 300 has a black dial ornamented with dot index markers and a polished sword hand with luminous tips. Its sapphire glass crystal protects the wristwatch. It relies upon its automatic movement for a precise time accuracy with a power reserve of 55 hours. If you enjoy extreme water activities, it is the perfect wristwatch for you.

It is water-resistant for up to 300 meters, so you can enjoy diving and participating in all extreme water sports and activities as much as you want while wearing it. For a luxury watch and an overwhelming water resistance, it is affordable for $4,369.

Seamaster Aqua Terra Steel Men’s Watch

A gorgeous and distinctive design from Seamaster is here. Omega artisans managed to maintain the delicate balance of innovation while maintaining its pre-supposed water-resistant capabilities.

The watch features a refreshing blue dial beautifully adorned with dagger index markers and an arrow design for its hands. Despite its delicate appearance, it has the sturdy protection of sapphire glass crystal and stainless steel case. You can also enjoy watching its mechanisms inside through its Transparent see-through back design.

It utilizes automatic movement combined with its 39 jewels for an accurate time display and can maintain its state for 55 hours. The bracelet band is made of rubber to guarantee the wearer’s comfort. Seamaster Aqua Terra might look like on the higher price side, but it is not. For only $4,229, you can have this on your wrist and boast a cooler-looking appearance.

Seamaster Planet Ocean White Dial Men’s Watch

The watch can speak for itself with its tough appearance yet more relaxed with its highlighted orange-colored bezel. Seamaster Planet Ocean features a unique white dial with baton index markers and arrow hands. Made with Stainless steel case and fabric for its bracelet band to assure the user’s comfortability.

It boasts its overwhelming 600-meter water-resistance capabilities and a sapphire glass crystal to protect itself from harm underwater or not. It’s time accuracy relies on its automatic movement and can retain operation for approximately 60 hours. You have this unbelievable timepiece on you for only $4,969.

Seamaster 300 Steel Men’s Watch

Seamaster 300 reaches the peak of vintage design with its black dial gracefully adorned with dagger index markers and gold faceted arrow hands. Its blue-colored bezel is lined with gold. It may look soft but do not get fooled by its old vintage appearance because it is under the utmost protection of its sapphire glass crystal and case made of stainless steel.

Your $6,539 is worth it with its 300 water resistance features that can last for up to 60 hours. Its leather bracelet band also contributes to the level of comfort to the wearer. Seamaster 300 combines the beauty of a classic timepiece with its water-resistant qualities.

Seamaster Diver 300 M Steel Men’s Watch

Another distinct yet playful approach by Omega Seamaster is the Seamaster Diver 300 Steel Men’s Watch. This Omega watch gets its inspiration from the James Bond franchise combined with Pepsi.

The presence of the blue and red combination from its bezel and polyamide Nato band highlights the Pepsi inspiration. It is made more robust with its Stainless steel case and sapphire glass crystal.

Its polished white dial is skillfully and beautifully designed with dot index markers and a skeleton blue-colored hands. It also shows the current date at the 3 o’clock position. This cute wristwatch is perfect for diving, capable of resisting water for up to 300 meters. 


Watch lovers often like to wear their timepieces and at all types of activities. However, they are sometimes restrained by their water-resistance capabilities. With the Omega Seamaster, you can enjoy wearing your beloved wristwatches even while enjoying extraneous water activities.