Flappy Bird Creator Doesn't Rule Out The Game's Return

There are very few popular applications that go from a handful of downloads to millions while at the same time causing numerous theories to arise about the game’s creator. Well, all of those things happened with far too addictive game Flappy Bird, and now developer Dony Nguyen has possibly hinted at a return of the game.

Flappy Bird Creator Doesn't Rule Out The Game's ReturnNguyen’s official reason for taking down Flappy Bird from the iOS and Android app stores can be summed up by saying that he could not deal with the massive amount of media attention that both he and the game had begun to receive in such a small amount of time.

Once he announced that the app would be removed, downloads skyrocketed and many theories emerged about why Nguyen would get rid of something that was reportedly bringing him $50,000 each day. Every possibility, from suicide to lawsuits, gained traction, but in an interview with Rolling Stone, Nguyen has simplified the story.

In the multi-page interview, Nguyen clarified that he did not take down the game because of a possible Nintendo lawsuit nor was it because he was going to commit suicide. Setting aside Nguyen’s interesting back story and Rolling Stone’s description of him as a “chain-smoking geek”, the interview did reveal that Nguyen would not completely rule out the game’s return.

Dong says that he is “considering it” in regards to placing the game back on both app stores for download and while he does not currently have any plans to make a new version of Flappy Bird, he did note that if one were to come out, it would include a message that tells users to “take a break” from it.

There are still a handful of unanswered questions regarding why Nguyen took down the game and given its controversial rise into popularity, many people still feel that the drama associated with Flappy Bird is just meant to increase the attention surrounding it.

Summary: Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, says that he may place the game back on the Apple and Android app stores. He is “considering” it but reportedly has no current plans.

Image Credit: businessinsider