Flickr, Yahoo’s photo sharing service, is starting to gain a lot of new members, ever since the Instagram terms of service change, which happened a few weeks ago.

Since the change many devout Instagram users have deleted their accounts and are now moving to another photo sharing service. The change declared that users’ photos may be sold to advertising agencies and the user will gain no revenue from this exchange.

Instagram have said they have no plans to sell your photos, but between the idea that Instagram is owned by Facebook and the fact photos are a more personal media than text and search, some users feel scared to use the service now.

Flickr has been around for quite a while, but the new iOS app with similar filters makes it a genuine competitor against Instagram. Twitter has also recently released new filters for photos on Twitter, after Instagram dropped support for the service.

Yahoo’s photo sharing service is now offering three months free on Flickr Pro and the offering comes well timed as Instagram users wean off their addiction to the service following the terms of service change.

Flickr Pro is usually $25 a year and allows you to upload and unlimited amount of content, post photos in up to 60 groups and download the original photo files whenever you want. You may find this pointless to keep going, but three months free with no contract is pretty neat.

While Flickr may be passed its heyday, Marissa Mayer and others running Yahoo now want a big focus on photos and this seems to be a great opportunity to bring the photo sharing service back to life.

We suspect that many will flock to Flickr with the new changes and the three month free offering. We are unsure when Instagram will get back on its feet, hopefully sooner rather than never.

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