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Flip the Aliens is a casual, fun and friendly puzzle game designed for gamers of all ages and skill types. The aim of the game is to help the Aliens flip their way back home.

Each level is based upon a gridded map, within which square-shaped Aliens are roaming. They’re looking to get home via the coloured squares positioned within the map, and to help them find it, you can strategically place (and remove) arrows, magnets, mines and so forth, to guide them.

After fist opening Flip the Aliens, you immediately get the feeling that you’re in for an extremely easy-going, casual experience. This is mainly down to the happy intro music and cute, smiling Aliens.


Flipping Fun

The free version of Flip the Aliens provides you with 8 levels, whereas the pro version – which can be purchased within the app for $0.99, allows you to enjoy 40 unique levels, each with different obstacles and options to play around with.

Playing the game itself is generally easy, with the only pressure coming from the timer and past records which you’ll want to beat.

However, the game does become more challenging as you progress, as each level brings testing obstacles, along with different coloured square “homes” for different coloured Aliens.

There isn’t too much of a replayability factor, but if you find yourself craving more Alien flipping after 8 levels, paying the small fee for an extra 32 levels – plus a host of other game enhancements, is a really great deal.


Flip the Aliens Design & Game Play

As previously mentioned, Flip the Aliens welcomes you with a cute home screen, backed by a friendly jingle. This theme thankfully stays with the game throughout each level.

Boards are interesting and innovative, yet relatively easy to work around – once you get the hang of the game.

In-game controls are easy to understand and quite fun to use, and menus generally work well, despite looking a little less polished than the game itself.

Funny sounds are let out by the Aliens when you guide them to their squares, or when you complete the level, which work well with the light-hearted soundtrack, and will probably make you crack a smile at the end of each level.

Final Remarks

If you’re looking for a quirky and entertaining game to enjoy whilst on the commute or relaxing at home, Flip the Aliens is definitely for you.

Moving arrows, dictating the movement of Aliens, using magnets, avoiding obstacles and more is all very fun to do, but doesn’t usually require too much effort, even though the game does progress in difficulty as you go through it.

Essentially, hardcore gamers looking for a thrill may want to give it a miss, but for all other gamer types, Flip the Aliens offers some casual puzzler game play which is enjoyable from start to finish.

Download Flip the Aliens from Google Play on Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.